Let’s Dance

IMG_1176It’s that time of year again!

May 12th, 13th, 14th @6.30 & 14th @ 1.30, Taos Youth Ballet presents Peter Pan- The Ballet at the Taos Community Auditorium.


Written by novelist and playwright J.M. Barrie, a young boy who can fly and who never gets old, Peter Pan spends his never-ending childhood on the island of Neverland as the leader of the Lost Boys, who have adventures and misadventures with fairies, mermaids, pirates, Native Americans and occasional real children from the real world.

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Wendy Darling and her brothers are children he befriends while flying about off the island of Neverland. Peter is often accompanied on his flyabouts by Tinkerbell the fairy.


Once again the talented young Taos dancers who have worked hard on their parts all year, will take to the TCA stage to bring a well-loved, classic story to life via the magical medium of dance.


Kudos to Amber Vasquez and her brilliant crew of teachers, for the hard work and imaginative choreography that goes into these productions which are truly major theatrical events, worthy of getting dressed up for. It is the Ballet people!

IMG_9038Congratulations too, to all the young dancers for getting through the year of literal ballet boot camp and finally making it onto the stage!

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The long preparation and effort that goes into these productions is grueling and often, for the young dancers en pointe, extremely painful. They make it look like they are mere feathers in a breeze but these kids are athletes with a capital A.

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For more info on Peter Pan – The Ballet and Taos Youth Ballet, please visit their  website listed below this post.


Tickets may be purchased at the TCA office or by calling the office at 575-758-2052.

Children (10 and under) & Seniors- $10.00

Adults- $12.00


These fabulous photographs of the young Taos Youth Ballet dancers are by Zoe Zimmerman who besides being an incredibly gifted contemporary art photographer, is also the TYB’s official photographer. Do follow the link to the post about Zoe by clicking on her name and visit her website linked below to see more of her work.


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