Making History Herstory


Yesterday the AP announced that Hillary Clinton had enough delegates (supers included) to clinch the Democratic Nomination.

Today in New Mexico (along with New Jersey, California, the Dakotas and Montana) Democrats go to the polls. Hoping Clinton (and Sanders) supporters ignore the news and get out in droves to make every vote count. Your vote is your voice and during this contentious election cycle, it’s even more crucial that every vote is counted.

Chances are good that tonight, Mrs. Clinton will make an announcement claiming victory and making history as the first woman Democratic Presumptive Nominee for POTUS.

Hillary Clinton is making history Herstory, and her victory will be a triumph for girls and women everywhere.

That glass ceiling will be shattered

Updated 6/8/2016

Hillary Clinton will be the 2016 Democratic Nominee.

In 2008 I was an ardent Clinton supporter, believing Barack Obama to be another Corporate Suit in (conveniently) caramel coloured skin. I feel for Bernie Sanders’ supporters today – I know too well how they must feel – and in that spirit I’m posting a link to an article I wrote then, before I traveled to Denver to be at/and to cover the Convention (in camaraderie with other Hillary Clinton supporters) where I watched Mrs. Clinton graciously concede and rally her supporters behind Obama.

Hopefully I’ll inspire a few of you to get behind Hillary Clinton as she makes History, Her Story!

The Audacity Of Hype


Portrait of Secretary Clinton by Kimberly Webber

To read the story behind the painting, please click on Kimberly’s name to read the post about her and her art and visit her website linked below for more info.

4 thoughts on “Making History Herstory

  1. To all my Bernie supporter friends. I know how you feel. I’ve been through the disappointment in 2008.

  2. Yes Toni and we were there in Denver when Hillary conceded gracefully to Barack Obama. She did the right thing and now, so must Sanders. Her Presidency (she will beat Donald) will be a better one due to his influence but it is time for him to move on and rally his supporters to her side!

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