In The Buffalo Pasture

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The Annual Taos Pow Wow is an incredible celebration of culture and tradition which brings together people of all the nations on this Turtle Island.

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The Pow Wow actually takes place in the Buffalo Pasture – where the buffalo go for the weekend is anybody’s guess but I am sure they do not mind loaning their habitat to this exquisite display of Beauty!

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I was unable to go this year but photographer extraordinaire Bill Curry was there and has kindly shared these amazing shots, capturing the little details many miss.

01 0E2A1709

A single feather held by a beaded clip.

01 0E2A1693

The neck tag perhaps unnoticed in the sea of brilliant bead and quill work.

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Three Dancers waiting their turn. The sun beginning to set.

01 0E2A1772

The feathers on a dancer’s headdress, lost in the moment of the dance.

01 0E2A1805

The painted face of a member of a noble race.

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A teepee against the early evening sky.

01 0E2A1752

Summertime at the home of the Red Willow People.

All photographs by Bill Curry taken at the 2016 Taos Pow Wow