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If the Manzanita Market looks familiar, it’s because this little apple didn’t fall very far from the tree.

Manzanita Market is the newest addition to the cool corner of the Plaza that is home to the World Cup Cafe. With two entries – one from the Plaza side, the other on Juan Largo Lane across from the sublime Chokola, Manzanita opened quietly last week but I bet it’s not quiet for long!


The pristine, white space (proprietor Jen Hart’s signature) boasts a long communal table with a few smaller bistro tables against the wall and not much else besides the counter that conceals a minimal, yet efficient kitchen area. Two beautiful wire and crystal chandeliers made by artist Marianne Fahrney hang from the old vigas catching the light.


The spare, rustic and very French aesthetic is the perfect backdrop in which to enjoy the farm to table, simple but delicious offerings, Hart’s other establishment, The Love Apple, is also known for.


She’s banking on a robust lunch business here on the Plaza, where people can eat their food inside or take it to go.


Salads, sandwiches and hearty bone broths are the fare, along with a few select packaged items and home-made, utterly decadent ice creams.


There are also a mind-boggling array of bespoke teas that beg to be tasted. A nice counterpoint to the excellent coffee next door.

As I left I noticed that more white bistro tables and chairs had been set up outside the door that opens onto the alley. Across the way, matching tables and chairs are placed outside Chokola. It felt very European and inviting.

The Manzanita Market is located on Taos Plaza and has an entry on Juan Largo Lane. It is currently open Tuesday through Sunday from 10 – 6.

All photos taken on my iphone


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