Roberto Ugalde Throws Some Paint

The Michael McCormick Gallery presents Roberto Ugalde in his First One Man Exhibition this Saturday, July 1st.

Roberto was showcased here on the blog when he first joined Michael’s stable of artists, and has since become one of the Gallery’s most popular painters.

An adept oil painter, over time he has developed his own technique (similar to Jackson Pollock’s infamous drip painting style), expressing the soul of his subject matter in a way that draws the viewer into the painting.

Born in Querétaro, Mexico, he studied at the Instituto Nacional de Bella’s Artes in Mexico City. Upon completion of his studies, he worked as an illustrator for a calendar company.

He immigrated to the United States in hopes of furthering his career in the Arts.

Roberto’s unique approach using liquid industrial oil base paint dropped on to a flat canvas or artboard surface and manipulating the colors to control the shapes of his subjects, he describes as  “looking for a bridge between abstract and realistic landscapes.”

“The process is paint on wood panels in horizontal position and dropping and throwing the paint on the panel then I use a pallet knife to give shape to the tree trunks I just let the paint to mix itself sometimes getting amazing effects sometimes a mess but all is part of the fun – I really enjoy action painting,” He explained.

“It is really fun and fast just like Mr Pollock – I was so inspired by him but I was not going to stay with abstractions since I love nature and it is the main source of my inspiration which is why I explored this technique till I got my results and thank God I just got there.”

About his new work, Ugalde  says “It is pretty much the same subject – aspen trees in different views,  trying to show a different perspective of the landscape with some aerial views, some looking up into the trees – I’m exploring more of the abstract these days, but for this show it is more about aspen trees.”

This presentation of new work by Roberto Ugalde will be an on-going display at the Michael McCormick Gallery with a reception for the artist this Saturday, July 1st from 4 – 9 pm. Food, refreshments, fun, music and a good time are in the cards.

For more information on Roberto Ugalde please visite the Gallery’s site linked below this post.



All images c/o Michael McCormick