The Mobile Museum Of American Artifacts

The Paseo peeps are at it again!

Among other things they are up to, a little bird tells me that Live Taos/KNCE’s  Rita O’Connell is coming on board in an administrative role and I’ll have more on all that and then some, once I sit down with Matt Thomas and Agnes Chavez, and get it directly from the horses mouths.

Meanwhile this bunch just don’t quit. Talk about revving up the art scene aqui en Taos and making it not only relevant once more,  but cutting edge to boot.

So when I heard about the Mobile Museum of American Artifacts Residency in Taos during the month of April, hosted by The Paseo Project, I emailed Matt Thomas, who was wearing his other hat, as the Collections Manager at the Harwood Museum of Art, asking him to send me all the info.

His partner in crime, Agnes Chavez is currently in Europe (she spent her birthday at CERN in Switzerland, totally apropos!) Matt too is getting ready for a trip to NY where he’ll be part of Taos: 1960-Present, opening on April 26th.

Juggling a million things is nothing for these two powerhouses, who are part of the exciting creative Renaissance currently afoot in Taos.

When Matt, slammed as he must be, responded within just a few hours, it was evident an extra post was in the cards this week.

This week, The Paseo Project hosts its first artist-in-residence, Laurelin Kruse, founder of the Mobile Museum of American Artifacts (MMoAA). Throughout the month of April, Kruse will take the Mobile Museum to 16 stops throughout Taos County, engaging the community through stories and oral histories embedded in everyday objects. You can see the schedule at the Paseo’s site linked below this post.

Also happening simultaneously, Daily, Apr 6 – Apr 8:

Water is Community Storytelling Installation: In partnership with SOMOS, the literary society of Taos, a “Water is Community” storytelling project will gather water samples and stories from within Taos’ watershed neighborhoods. Poet Ariana Kramer and four community ‘story and water collectors’ (Christalyn Concha, Miguel Santistevan, Jim O’Donnell, and Olivia Romo) will gather stories and vials of water from the community to learn what water means to people in Taos. On the weekend of April 6-8, the results will be on display at the Encore Gallery of Taos Center for the Arts. There will be an opening reception on April 6, from 4-6:00pm,

See the full schedule by visiting the sites linked below this post.




Editors Note: In my rush to post this, I forgot to mention that Pecha Kucha:(Water is Community Edition) will also be a part of this month’s event schedule with a great line up as usual! Do check the Paseo site, above, for more info about that as well


Images thanks to The Paseo Project