Deb Komitor At Taos Blue

Born and raised in Ohio, Deb Komitor spent her childhood in nature, climbing trees and spending hours in creeks catching tadpoles and butterflies.

Love of nature inspired her to express that sense of wonder visually, on paper.

Drawing and creating throughout her childhood, a scholarship to attend Columbus College of Art and Design where she earned her BFA, was simply a stepping stone in her long and rewarding career as an artist.

She went on to receive her MFA at Colorado State University, where she immediately fell in love with the West and wound up moving to the region in 1997,

She now resides in Colorado Springs with her husband and their animals, and makes her extraordinary, light filled paintings in a large, light filled studio located in an old school-house that was built in 1902.

Deb says that she finds endless inspiration in all that surrounds her. Her landscape paintings express the joy she has felt in nature since childhood, and that translates directly to the canvas with each brushstroke, as her paintings “convey the forces and serenity in nature.

The works hanging at Taos Blue draw the viewer closer, as if they are in fact, windows into a parallel, verdant  world, where the dappled light dances on the forest floor.

“Art for me is dancing with my brush, playing with the paint and falling in love all over again.” Says the artist.

Deb Komitor’s work is available exclusively in Taos, at Taos Blue on the corner of Bent Street and the Paseo. 

The work is constantly changing and these images may not reflect what is hanging in the gallery currently, but are strong examples of Deb Komitor’s singular style.

For more  about the artist and Taos Blue – which represents over 60 American artists and artisans – please visit their site linked below this post. And do be sure to drop by and check out their newly expanded space, which has allowed owner Sue Westbrook to add even more treasures to her already glittering, trove!



All images thanks to Taos Blue

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