DMA’s Colin Hubbard Flys The Canyon

If you’re a regular reader of taoStyle, you are familiar with UNM Taos Digital Media Arts Program.

For the past year, I’ve had the good fortune to share what they do, with you, in an ongoing partnership we’ve created to bring attention to this very exciting opportunity right here in Taos!

As the year draws to a close, and DMA get ready to celebrate with their End of Semester Party at Bataan Hall this Friday (more info below this post), it seems apropos that UNM Taos Digital Media Arts is taking their program to new heights with Canon Award winning student,Colin Hubbard.

Earlier this year, I covered the great educational partnership UNM Taos DMA Chair, Peter Walker and his colleagues have forged with the Corporate Camera Giant, Canon. A program that benefits the students in myriad ways.

DMA students are engaged in all sorts of exciting activities that both challenge and help develop skill levels while participating in hand’s on, boots  on the ground work.

From creating a Video for the Taos Land Trust’s new Eco Park (Don Fernando), to  flying high above Taos Canyon, DMA students are learning cutting edge skills in a competitive industry.

Colin Hubbard is one of these lucky students who has been able to combine his love of flying with his journey to the heart of Digital Media Arts. After Peter Walker has directed me to a YouTube video made by Colin, I was excited to feature him on taoStyle.

1) Hi Colin, please tell my readers a little about yourself.

Until 2014, I was an emergency services contractor for the insurance industry and also a martial arts instructor here in Taos.  That is also the same year I obtained a FAA Sport Pilot license. I’ve been in northern New Mexico since 2003. In 2010 I won an amateur world championship martial arts title in Las Vegas, Nevada. I have been practicing landscape, nature and wildlife photography for 10 years.

2) How did you first become aware of UNM Taos’ DMA program?

I had attended an event at KTAO for the Taos Academy music program and saw a friend Jamie Tedesco who invited me to a presentation, also at KTAO, promoting the UNM DMA Associates Degree to the community.  I was amazed at the support of Canon with Peter’s DMA program and attended a Canon Workshop at the in town campus. I enrolled at UNM with the hopes of learning video production for documentary films focused on recreational flying.

3)You are one of the DMA students who they submitted their reels and won a video creators kit through UNM Taos DMA educational partnership with Canon.

I have been a fan of Canon cameras since getting an entry level DSLR, the T1i.  Do you remember the Rebel camera commercials with Andre Agassi, the tennis Pro.  I eventually bought a used, top of the line Canon 1D MkIII for wildlife photography and although I love it, it’s heavy and does not shoot video.  The Canon partnership provided a T7i Creator’s Kit and it is an amazing camera. I used this camera for local productions filming music festivals, a job that myself and other students got through out involvement with the UNM DMA program.  Recently, I was able to combine my experience as a pilot and was involved in a documentary film about the Rio Grande River. I was the 3rd aerial camera operator and learned an incredible amount about the documentary film making process, all while flying parameters the length of the river from Creede, Colorado to the Gulf of Mexico.  

4) Can you tell us how this has benefited you/your work?

Next year, I’ll be qualifying as an instructor for teaching people to fly parameters. In five years, I hope to have helped dozens of people find joy in the freedom of flight and millions enjoy the stunning perspective that only an aerial perspective can give.  I am confident my skills with the camera will become worthy of professional video production thanks to UNM DMA, Peter and the intern opportunities I’ve had. They have helped me cultivate a relationship with Canon that I am sure will grow. I hope to see some of my camera work on the big screen in the near future.

Thanks Colin!

UNM Taos Digital Media Arts End of Semester Party happens tonight at Bataan Hall  at 115 Civic Plaza Drive, from 6-9pm.

There will be music and food, Student produced Media Entertainment, Audio and Green Screen Magic and more! Bring your friends and family and celebrate the Season with UNM Taos DMA’s crew!

For more information on UNM Taos DMA Program and to register for next Semester, please visit the site linked below.



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All photographs thanks to Peter Walker