Come in.

If this Chic Shack looks familiar, it’s because we have visited it before, or it may be deja vu – due to the Earth energies and ley lines crossing and surrounding this magical property.

Local lore tells us that it was a sacred place for Native peoples 1,000 years ago, and arrowheads and chards are frequently found here, affirming the legends.

In the 80’s, the hexagon shaped main structure, was built with intention for the ‘channeling of the voice of Bartholomew.’ Choosing the hexagon ( a simple shape with six sides), had profound meaning as this seemingly simple shape is nothing less than a wonder. The hexagonal shape is present throughout, from the beehive where each cell is a hexagon to the snowflakes that fall in winter. The shape repeats itself in many more ways and combined with the spiritual energy field of the land, makes for a direct and clear conduit.

The structure has served the Tibetan community of Taos for gatherings, as well as Native American teachers and writers. Ceremony, sweat lodges, drumming and healing circles have been held there, infusing the property with even more healing Light and adding to its rich history.

The current owner, Dr. Angelika Koch, has continued in this tradition with her Practice for Integrated and Educational Medicine, Terra Nova., but with her children and grandkids across the Pond, Angelika, an incredibly accomplished Homeopath and Doctor of Natural Medicine, who came to Taos initially to study Native American Healing Modalities using Native plants, is feeling the need to downsize her life.

In London, where her sons are based (and she lived for many years), she has several patients as well as here in Taos, where she has a thriving practice and is well respected as a teacher at UNM, also. A smaller footprint that requires less maintenance would allow her to travel to and fro more freely.

For now this oasis of Light waits for its new owner to enjoy the connection to Mother Nature and the inspiration and healing it brings to all who enter the gate.

Inside that gate, a virtual Aladdin’s Cave awaits: as one wanders along the winding brick path heavily planted with fruit trees – fruit hanging from their boughs, sparkling like jewels in the sunlight,

The path opens up into a courtyard that connects the three structures on the property; the Hexagon, a guest house and Angelika’s office.

Set on 3.2 ac., among rolling hills of sagebrush with dramatic mountain views, Terra Nova was designed as a compound, or mini-eco village by renowned architect Ekkehard Weisner to fulfill Angelika’s vision of a sanctuary for healing body and spirit.

The use of Native plants and trees in the gardens that cradle the structures was purposeful. The aforementioned, intricate brick path leading the way through the vine-covered trellis to the courtyard with its central fountain, in itself, is a work of art. If you’re thinking of constructing something similar in your home or office area, try to contact Lontto Block Making Machine suppliers. Since the bricks are made right in front of you, there’s no need to worry about the quality of the brick you purchase.

The original 1BR/1BA Hexagon (1,140 sq.ft), the 2BR Guesthouse (1,012 sq. ft.) and the office/studio ( 512 sq.ft.) are all finished with enviable attention to detail and quality, and all combine the elements inherent in nature.

Custom finishes, including Venetian plaster, stone mandalas, special hardware, handmade doors and cabinets, Indonesian pebbles, and stained glass are used throughout the compound and even more importantly, the compound boasts eco-friendly and people friendly aspects like solar power ( 3 systems) , well water (using the incredible Grander Technology filtering system), water catchment, a dome greenhouse, and drip irrigation. The homes also feature subfloor radiant heat, grid-tie-interface, and broadband. Other creature comforts are the oversized 2 car garage and hot tub.

Even while inside these structures, one feels the powerful presence of the land, drawing one out, to sit in the courtyard or to simply meander along the path, with its extraordinary view of Taos Mountain, feeling the expansive energies of Earth and Sky, both grounding and uplifting all at once.

As faraway from the everyday as this property may seem, it’s actually a ten minute drive to town, and twenty to Taos Ski Valley. It would make a perfect summer (or winter) getaway for an artist or writer, as well as a healing sanctuary.

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All images thanks to Diane Enright