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It’s the Homestead Issue, and its timing is the ultimate irony. The essence and spirit of homesteading runs through the veins of the New Mexicans who came before us. It is very much alive in the generation that lives here now, and hopefully, it will be what sustains us in the future.

GROWING FOR THE FUTURE. Cherie Montoya, the passionate and visionary owner of Farm & Table restaurant in Albuquerque, once again takes a gamble—this time she’s betting the farm on permaculture. (Story by Ashley M. Biggers and photos by Joy Godfrey.)

THE SAVING GRACE OF PERMACULTURE. Jeremiah Kidd of San Isidro Permaculture has lived and breathed the tenets of permaculture his entire life—not simply in the practical sense of caring for the earth, but also in the explicit embrace of its ethical standards. As writer Toner Mitchell explains, “The practice mandates care of the earth, care of people, and the idea of ‘fair share,’ the distribution of surplus benefits to earth and to people.” (Story by Toner Mitchell and photos by Stephen Lang.)

NEW MEXICO’S HOMESTEAD STORY. Daniel Goodman, the Director of El Rancho de las Golondrinas, reminds us that New Mexicans in particular “have a deep sense of themselves, of self-reliance and an interest in having the ability to keep certain family and cultural traditions alive.” This treasured living history museum has never been more relevant and important to us. (Story by Lynn Cline and photos by Kitty Leaken.)

M’TUCCI’S EMPIRE. In the span of six years, Jeff Spiegel and Katie Gardner have built an Italian food empire at M’Tucci’s in Albuquerque that is powered by a group of talented and ambitious young chefs. Local Flavor writer Mark Oppenheimer joins Executive Chef and Managing Partner John Haas at the table to share a meal, and Liz Lopez photographs.

ART BEAT. Columnist Mia Rose Poris’ posits that the world of art thrives by highlighting three galleries in Santa Fe, including the LewAllen Galleries. See Philip Pearlstein’s work (Model with Dreadlocks on Inflatable Chair) online.

TOP TIX. Top Tix columnist Stephanie Hainsfurther engages with multiple performing arts organizations to share what they are thinking. The lights may be dimmed, but the spirit of the theater burns brightly!

CHEF’S BUZZ. Columnist Lynn Cline engages with more than 20 chefs to share what they are thinking, including Chef/Owner Matt Yohalem of Il Piatto, who writes: “In these crazy times, I think it more important than ever that we help each other. In times of prosperity, healthy competition is great. In times like these, we need to stick together, to survive. It’s an honor and a pleasure to work with those people that are making a difference!”

ON THE ROAD. Author of Exploring New Mexico, Sharon Niederman is back this month with some hikes for you, including a walk in Three Rivers Petroglyph Site. She writes: “Social distancing is necessary but cabin fever is not mandatory.”

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Posted by Lydia Martinez

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