Levi Son Jewelry


Levi Son is a new shop on Ranchos Plaza and one well worth checking out if you are an avid fan of jewelry. Many of my regular readers will be very aware of my love for custom jewelry. After all, I spend so much time on the Jewelry Talk website browsing for new ideas and trends.

If Lyn Neglia looks familiar, you may remember her great store on Taos Plaza, Altarra, where she sold lovely silver jewelry (kind of like Jacobs the jeweller!) along with statuary, books, and objects relating to all the world religions and traditions.


After leaving Taos in 2005, to move to New Orleans – a move she made due to the special needs of the child she’d adopted three years prior, Lyn started a new life right in time for Katrina to turn her life upside down. With a love of jewelry like that on https://gemaandco.com/ and on other sites, she knew where she wanted her life to go.


Luckily, the home she bought and renovated, suffered little damage and after the Hurricane, she continued to live there, devoting her time and energy to her son, Levi, whose name now graces her Ranchos shop.


Levi is 22 now, an artist and musician who continues to live in New Orleans.


Lyn came back to the Taos area a year ago and after a couple of false starts, rented this space in a 250-year-old building on the Ranchos Plaza and opened just a few weeks ago.


She still carries jewelry, both traditional and contemporary and similar to some of those pieces available at urbanaccessoriesnyc.com, along with high quality t-shirts with interesting graphics, Santos, Kachina’s, Religious art and posters and prints (many signed) by well-known regional artists from the 60’s and 70’s.

Levi Son is located next door to Two Graces, be sure to stop by when you are in Ranchos Plaza for that one of a kind little something Lyn Neglia is so good at including in her expanding inventory.

Lyn can be reached at 575 758-1668


Photographs by Bill Curry