Two Graces


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Ranchos Plaza is home to a few of my favourite shops and galleries in Taos and over the next week, we’ll visit a few of them. The Two Graces Plaza Gallery is unique in more ways than one.

Originally a merger between two spaces, the Gallery shows the works of Robert Cafazzo and Holly Sievers,

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Robert Cafazzo’s paintings of animals in motion are extraordinary studies that draw inspiration from petroglyphs and cave paintings.

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Holly Sievers’ intricate and delicate renditions of insects, moths and butterflies are exquisite and a must see.

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Two Graces also happens to be a treasure trove of rare books, vintage art and curios.

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There is so much to discover in here, one could spend hours looking at the books alone.

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Old Kachinas, art, pottery, jewelery and more fill every bit of display space available and you can be certain of finding something in here that begs to be taken home.

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Robert is extremely knowledgable about the items he sells and in fact is a bit of an expert regarding our neck of the woods.Two Graces offers guided tours of the area and you can discover more about that (on their blog) along with more information about Robert Cafazzo and Holly Sievers, by visiting their website linked below this post.


Photographs by Bill Curry