Blood Moon Rising

We in the Western part of North America will have front-row seats tomorrow as the full moon turns red in the briefest eclipse this century.

The most spectacular part of the eclipse will be the totality phase, when Earth’s shadow completely covers the moon and turns it an eerie, blood red. Totality could last anywhere from nine to 12 minutes.


The moon has such a primordial, powerful influence on us no matter our culture or creed, lunar mythology and symbology are universal.

Over women, the moon casts a long shadow; throughout history our cycles have been measured in lunar terms.

Maldive Laamu moon

The Virgin, the Mother and the Crone likened to it’s phases.

So many superstitions are attached to the silvery orb, it would be impossible to list them here.


Many ancient cultures measured time by the moon and indeed, the Jewish Calendar is by Lunar reckoning and this year, Easter and Passover are occurring at the same time.

No doubt, the prophecy freaks are having a field day with this string of blood moons so I plan on laying low this weekend!


In honor of this auspicious occasion, I thought I’d share some beautiful lunacy here on the blog. Credits below this post.

Wishing all my readers a very happy and safe Easter and Passover.

I’ll be back here on Monday with more from Ranchos Plaza.



Top Photograph NASA

Colour Photographs by Derek Hart

Black and White Moons by Bill Curry