Common Fire

Pssst, a new restaurant is opening quietly here in Taos this weekend…but don’t tell anyone I told you! Soft opening today at 4pm. Formal opening this coming Thursday.

Common Fire has been in the works for sometime – the brainchild of serious, long time Taos (and places beyond) Foodie and Wine guy, Andy Lynch and Academy Award Nominated Sound guy, William (Billy) Sarokin, this eaterie which centers its food and philosophy around a pretty impressive hearth/oven, promises to be a big hit with both locals and visitors alike.

Who doesn’t love having access to an impressive piece of cooking equipment like an oven, regardless of whether you are working in a restaurant or making a family meal at home? Wherever you are, it is still important to consider any potential hazards that an oven can cause, like a fire for example. It is essential that you try and limit the chances of this occurring, but if you can’t, then learning what to do after an oven fire could be essential to the amount of damage caused, as well as to the safety of those around you. But hopefully, this doesn’t happen. Health and safety is obviously extremely important, so it’s vital that restaurant owners take it seriously, especially when they start inviting customers into their building. It should be a priority for restaurant owners to have a first aid kit that is fully stocked up in the kitchen. This ensures that they will be able to deal with any minor injuries. If the first aid kit is running low, owners need to purchase some first aid kit refills to make sure they have all of the necessary equipment. Preparing your health and safety protocols should prevent any big accidents in the restaurant.

Andy’s creds here in Taos go all the way back to Polly Raye’s Apple Tree days and Billy and his wife Anne, have kept a residence here ever since he first started working on Movies Made In New Mexico. Off the Map is one of his favourites but his list of film credits is long and impressive.


As he gets closer to thinking about retiring, his heart tells him this is where he wants to be. Luckily Anne agrees. She’s an artist so why wouldn’t she? The magical light has her hooked too. Hence the restaurant. A sustainable business that will allow them to be here for longer periods while they still go back and forth to NY where they currently reside full-time.

Meanwhile Andy has returned to Taos after years in Santa Fe, traveling in Europe and living for a while in LA, so this partnership is quite serendipitous.

The duo are joined by chef Andrew Mabley Horton and the food is fresh, unpretentious, grass-fed, pastured and local – farm to table at its best.


Family and kid friendly, with the best beer and wine list in town, Common Fire conveniently adjoins the Quail Ridge Inn, home to the Taos Tennis Club & Spa.

With a terrace that offers views of the Mountain and pristine Pueblo land, this place is going to be busy all summer long but hopefully Andy will keep his Summer Shack going as well!

By winter, word will be out and skiers will pack the joint, so get out there now and enjoy it while it’s still under the radar and relatively quiet.


Don’t tell them I sent you!

Soft Opening today (Saturday May 28) at 4pm

If all goes well the restaurant will open formally on Thursday!

Common Fire is located next to the Quail Ridge/Taos Tennis Club & Spa

88 Ski Valley Rd, Taos, NM 87571
Photos of Common Fire, Billy, Andy and Andrew all stolen from Billy’s Facebook page.

6 thoughts on “Common Fire

  1. Oh thank you all the confluences of people, places and sheer serendipity that brings this delight to our “foodie-deprived” climes! Best wishes from a future fan!

  2. I went tonight. Food was perfect from start to finish! Run, don’t walk to try it out! We had cheese and meats and beets! The kale Caesar salad is the best I’ve ever had. Bread and flat bread amazingly delicious. My mom thinks the bread is the best she’s ever had, I know that’s a lot of bests. And best chicken n mashed taters too. Exceeded my expectations! Well done Horton, Andy, Peggy and Kate! And every person who had a hand at this opening! Best opening I’ve been to in town! Way to go Common Fire!

    Oh and you can smell your way there if you just get to Quail Ridge Tennis Club. It smells delicious from outside too!

  3. I can’t wait to get there !!! I have to say up front, my son is Shann Staggs. But, I was there when they were building it and it already looked so awesome ! Horton was kind enough to show me around first was the huge oven( Not the correct name) and the dining tables were so unique. I loved the walls and the feeling. we got to see the huge kitchen, bakery, and it was all awesome. I KNOW the food is great, all hand made from scratch, more than most any other restaurant. We live in Texas, and it’s planting time, but, we will be there very soon !! Best of luck with this awesome unique new place to eat and enjoy a visit with friends, the perfect place !

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