Moon Gazing



This past weekend, the full moon in Sagittarius was followed by Mercury going direct after weeks in retrograde.

Here in Taos we take our Mercury Retrogrades quite seriously; blaming these three-week interruptions in flow for all manner of things going wrong. From machines – cars to computers – to relationship breakdowns, never mind communication, Mercury in Retrograde is the easy culprit!

I’m not sure who gets the blame when the littlest planet goes direct, but I could hear a collective sigh of relief on Sunday when I woke up!


This particular Mercury Retrograde was far more dire than usual, accompanied as it was by several other planets retrograding around our Sun, including fiery Mars which does not bode well for direct action.

Nevertheless, we are out of the woods now – just barely – and the rising moon is still as full and fecund as can be, even as she shrinks hourly.

Moon gazing is a past time we can all get behind here in the High Desert when the weather is as great as it has been lately, with Summer just a breath away!

Photographs by Derek Hart

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