Drawing History

Patrick Trujillo, Generations II acrylic on canvas

Patrick A. Trulillo was born in Keams, Arizona in 1967 to parents of Taos Pueblo and Hopi heritage.

Patrick Trujillo, Generations (1)

His parents moved to Taos when he was a year old and ever since he has lived at Taos Pueblo.

He began to study art at the age of 16 after taking an art class at Santa Fe Indian School, however, he did not become a professional artist until many years later, after leaving the Military.

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Like Trujillo, becoming a professional artist may not happen for a number of years.

Patrick Trujillo, Hopi Buffalo Dancer

After joining the military in 1985 he began to experiment in charcoal, acrylic, oil, watercolor, and pencil. His subject matter is inspired and informed by his experiences at the Pueblo; stories and oral history from the Elders, photos from the Pueblo archives and his family.

After eighteen years doing Surveillance at the Taos Pueblo Casino, he finally left to pursue his dream of becoming a full-time Artist.

Patrick Trujillo, Waiting for the Dancers

He has been painting drums for Christopher Lujan, a well known jeweler and craftsman from Taos Pueblo, murals for various shops at the Pueblo, as well as designing and painting signs.

His recent venture into the world of Fine Art began earlier this year when he walked into the Michael McCormick Gallery and shyly showed his work to Michael McCormick.

Patrick Trujillo, Smoking for Peace

The McCormick Gallery showed his works on paper during Indian Market in August. The drawings bring to mind the Edward Curtis sepia tone photographs the photographer and ethnologist made of Native Peoples during the early 20th Century. This is the first time Trujillo’s work has been publicly exhibited.

For more information on Patrick A. Trujillo, please visit the Michael McCormick Gallery at their website linked below this post.


All images c/o the Michael McCormick Gallery