She’s A Rainbow



She comes in colors ev’rywhere, she combs her hair, she’s like a rainbow…

Christine Roberts has over 12 years experience working in the beauty industry.


Growing up in Shawnee, Oklahoma – “Brad Pitt’s hometown!” She laughs, as if to say don’t just reject my little town out of hand – Christine hardly imagined she’d wind up in Taos at this stage of her game.

Almost a decade ago, she headed West to Portland, Oregon to learn more about doing hair (she’d gone to beauty school in Oklahoma) and to experience the city’s infamous “scene.” She spent 4 years there before coming to Taos.

“I’ve been here for 4 years now too.” She muses.


“I was singing in a (hip hop) duo when I came here,” she says. “We’ve played in Portland and here in Taos.”

Christine had worked at a couple of smaller salons before applying for a job at Salon X, but her plan was to save enough money to move back to Portland.

“I kept trying to leave,” she told me, “but here I still am.”


Christine’s been doing hair at Salon X for two years now and has become a sought after stylist known not only for her edgy cuts and color, but also for her ability to do very classic styles equally as well. She’s also super excited about being able to participate in the continuing education Delta offers at Salon X.

“We recently did a weekend training in LA,” she told me, “and it was awesome – I learned so much.”

Her own hair is in a constant state of flux; one day it might be shocking pink with dreads another day it’s straight and silver. Currently it’s a very black shag (cut by Heather Miro) with “a fading turquoise streak” she tells me.


“I haven’t had time to color it!” She exclaims. “I’m too busy coloring everyone else’s hair.”

To book time with Christine, visit Salon X at their site linked below this post.


All photos of Christine taken on my iphone

She’s A Rainbow lyric by the Glimmer Twins



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