The Grove Cafe & Market

Yesterday I left Taos early for Albuquerque with my daughter Angelica.

We have been on an ongoing mission to procure my temporary Green Card (Alien Registration – I’m South African), until my new one arrives. It’s a long story, but mine was misplaced or lost (together with my passport), so needless to say I was a bit worried. Others going through similar situations may want to take a look at this guide to the H1B to Green Card process.

Especially considering our current climate…Change is afoot and one needs to be prepared.

For anything and everything.

Mostly I find myself in Albuquerque when I’m flying out of State and/or attending Gymnastics Meets with Angelica to support her daughters.

In recent years Angelica drove back and forth to Albuquerque a few days a week, while getting her degree in Accounting at UNM, so she knows the city far better than I. A good thing as one must eat and knowing where to eat is even better.

My daughter is a serious foodie and sommelier (but that’s another, upcoming story), and I know I’ll always eat well in her company. She is also a genius at handling bureaucracy and I could not have accomplished this without her.

Yesterday, after the slip of paper was firmly in hand, she took me to this fabulous cafe for brunch.

The Grove Cafe & Market opened in 2006. It’s situated in Albuquerque New Mexico’s trendy Edo neighborhood and appears to be one of Albuquerque’s favorite breakfast, brunch and lunch cafes, serving up fresh local food. To attain this level of popularity they must be getting things like advertising and marketing absolutely nailed. In modern times, making sure you have an effective website and are clued up on things like seo is vital to success. Any business that is struggling with this may want to take advantage of a service that can perform a local seo audit in just 10 days.

Part of the Farm to Table movement, The Grove supports local farmers and sustainable agriculture. The food served is sourced locally and they use organic ingredients as much as possible.

The place was packed when we arrived shortly after noon. We ordered at the counter and found a tucked away table to sit down and wait for our food. The service was friendly and fast!

Angelica had poached eggs with prosciutto and asparagus, while I had a full on classic breakfast. After dealing with Homeland Security for months, I was starving!

The food (and espresso) was fabulous and the portions extremely generous. I snapped a few shots of the cafe on my phone and urge you to go when in Albuquerque for whatever reason. Business, pleasure or traveling through.

This is definitely a cafe; several patrons were sipping coffee while working on their notebooks or laptops with no food in sight. They seemed quite at home and I assume they were regulars. I didn’t blame them in the least choosing such a delightful space to work in. There’s a large patio which I’m sure fills to the brim in Summer!

To find out more about The Grove, please visit their site linked below this post.

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