Ring Of Fire

This Sunday, February 26, there’s a powerful new moon/solar eclipse in Pisces.

This celestial event is an opportunity for us to begin manifesting new and unique experiences in our lives.

Eclipses charge the Earth’s electromagnetic field and this electric disruption affects everything on our planet, including ourselves. Our own electromagnetic field is altered so that our energy resonates with the new frequency coming from the eclipse.

In the days before an eclipse, we can often sense these changes in the atmosphere and we notice our emotions, thoughts and feelings reacting (and overreacting) until they find a harmonic balance.

We will remain in this transformational phase for the next six months until the eclipse season comes to an end in late August.

This is the second eclipse since we ushered in the Fire Rooster Year on the Chinese calendar – a rare lunar event, a prenumbral lunar eclipse of a full moon occurred on the 10/11 of February, coinciding with the Chinese Lantern Festival on the 15th day of the first lunar month of the New Year – truly circling us in an auspicious Ring of Fire.

Astrologers say that eclipses are akin to  doors that swing wide open. enabling us to enter a new, cosmically-charged, higher dimension. They signify the closing of the previous chapter of our lives and the beginning of a brand new one.

Sunday’s eclipse is the first of two solar eclipses for 2017, and the only annular eclipse for the year.

An annular eclipse happens when the Moon is near apogee (which occurred on February 18) and the Earth is near perihelion (which occurred last month on January 4). At this time, the apparent size of the Moon is too small to cover the Sun as seen from the Earth, resulting instead in a brilliant annulus or “ring of fire” in the sky.

Astronomers refer to the shadow trace of this ring across the Earth as an antumbra, instead of the familiar umbra of a total solar eclipse.

Unfortunately for those of us here in the Northern Hemisphere we won’t see it even as we feel the effects. It will only be visible in parts of South America and Africa.

It will be visible in my old hometown of Cape Town, South Africa. (41% – 15:59 UT).

For those of you living under the Southern Cross, enjoy the fireworks and take lots of photographs!

(Send jpg’s to my email lynne@taostyle.net, and I’ll add the best ones to this post, with credit of course).



Monday Morning

I’ve included two shots of the eclipse taken in Cape Town by my cousin Hilton (yes, they are cousins too) who just happens to be a very talented photographer. Thanks Hilton!


Image of Solar Eclipse (top of page) Stock Files, other photographs by Hilton Lewis Winer