Salon Shuffle

When Delta Cossette Bayer opened Salon X on the Paseo four years ago, she envisioned a full service salon combined with a Gallery space.

She also imagined that with other stylists and beauticians filling the chairs and lofty space, it would essentially enable the salon to run itself smoothly, like a well oiled machine. What she didn’t anticipate was not only the expense of taking on such a huge project, but the demands on her time as a business owner.

Delta, who is herself an artist and quite a sensitive soul, did not enjoy the role of Boss Lady one bit. Prior to opening the current space, she’d cut hair in a small space shared with one other stylist and before that, at Salon Marjorie. Having to oversee several stylists proved to be more than she was willing to handle and contrary to her expectations of having more time to herself, she found herself working 24/7.

She dreaded coming into work, no longer finding joy in what she’s loved doing for years. With hundreds of hours of advanced training under her belt, including with Toni and Guy in NYC and Jacques Dessange in Paris, Delta is also the only certified member of the Board of American Colorists in Taos, an artist in her own right.

Cut to the present.

An epiphany earlier this Spring brought her to the realization that as an artist, all she really needed was a studio where she could be as creative as she needed to be and see only the loyal clientel she’d accrued over the years. She didn’t need walk-in traffic, she didn’t need a huge space and she certainly did not need any more drama or distractions yanking her away from her family and down time.

The room adjoining Salon X which had been used as a break room and to store colour and other tools of the trade was, like Goldilocks’ discovery of Baby Bear’s chair, just right, so she contacted her landlady, who gave her the go-ahead and began the process of downsizing her staff and reimagining Salon X.

Tianna and Brooke will both be at the new Salon X for a few of days a week, so if they have been styling your hair, don’t fret, you know where to find them, but for the most part, Delta will have her studio and her time, to herself.

These shots were taken yesterday by Delta’s husband, Patrick, as they worked together renovating the new space.

Delta is aiming at opening at month’s end. Meanwhile you can find her at the old location until then.

The address, phone number and website all remain as is, only the location has changed. The new location will be by appointment only.


Photographs by Patrick Trujillo