Spring Fever At Taos Blue


It’s already Spring.

At least it will be, tomorrow which is the official Vernal Equinox, and even though we finally have a bit of snow, there’s that feeling in the air and in our homes, with doors, shutters and windows opened to let it inside!

If like me, you’ve found yourselves on a mad cleaning (and discarding) binge of late, don’t worry, you’ve caught the Spring Cleaning Bug and that’s a good thing.

But then, what happens is that¬† after you’ve taken that box to CAV or Pieces, raked the last soggy leaves from your garden beds (not doing any more than that, knowing Spring Snows have only just begun), and suddenly, well everything looks and feels a bit empty, as if the garden could use a little something…

At Taos Blue, Sue Westbrook is already ten steps ahead of the rest of us, with plenty in store and out, to brighten and refresh our homes for the new season.

With Easter and Passover just around the corner, there’s no time like now to add a few more beautiful, seasonal pieces to your home and garden.

From gorgeous ceramics and porcelain for the table, to botanical sculptures for your walls and forlorn yard, Sue has what you need to brighten your days. While the crocus and daffodils are busy sending forth green shoots, these blooms will satisfy your craving for colour until their buds finally open!

One of these precious “church” brooches would make a sweet Thank You gift for a helpful friend or neighbor at Easter time. If church is not in the equation (your friend is Muslim, Jewish, Hindi, Pagan, atheist or other), the Sunflower set would make anyone smile.

And for those of you visiting our little town during Spring Break, you are sure to find something for your house sitter (and yourself), at the not so little any longer, gallery on the corner of Bent Street. 

Just look for the (Taos) Blue door with the Corn Maiden who is also waking from her Winter slumber.

For much more on Taos Blue, do visit the link below.


All images of flowers thanks to Taos Blue. Other photographs by Bill Curry