The Cellar Celebrates A Year In Taos

The Cellar is already one year old!

Amazing how time flies – it was just a matter of time before the Cellar became the go to one stop shop for all your beer, wine and hard to find spirits, including the hemp infused, Rocky Mountain made, Colorado High Vodka. From organic to bio-dynamic and beyond, the Cellar goes all out to bring you what you want, right to your doorstep. Practically.

Today, all day, the folks at the Cellar, Angelica (my oldest daughter), Paul (with Flaming Lips beer),and Dave(in the freezer with the brew – he’s the brew meister), will all be on hand to help you celebrate the day with them!

From noon till mid-afternoon, beer tastings are the order of the day, but as the sun climbs higher in the sky, bottles of wine will be opened until closing time.

Don’t miss this – these guys (and gal),  keep it cool; both temperature wise and with the chill music they play. Stop in on your way to or from Cid’s and have a glass (or two) on them as a big thanks to you! As usual, the beer and wine that you partake in, will all be on sale, so be sure to take some home with you for watching the reruns of the Royal nuptials.

For more on the Cellar and today’s tastings, I’ve included a link to their FB page as well as their site.

Oh, and Charles is sure to be there too (with tales of his recent travels through Spain and Portugal’s vineyards), I just couldn’t find a picture of him.

All images care of the Cellar’s Facebook page.


The Cellar