Puff The Magic Dragon

Puff, the Magic Dragon lived by the sea, and frolicked in the autumn mist…

Puff the Magic Red Dragon in this case, or “Durban Poison’s baby,” as Victoria Carballo  who works at the Southwest Wellness Taos dispensary, put it so succinctly when I inquired about the hybrid strain recently.

The popular South African Landrace Sativa strain, Durban Poison, has been crossed with Indica to produce the uplifting, yet mellow hybrid, Red Dragon. This week, in honor of Halloween, both Red Dragon and the aptly named Phantom OG, are featured at a discounted price at Southwest Wellness, along with all the sweet treats they carry!

Because let’s not forget that Halloween is one of the few glorious days of the year when it’s socially acceptable to eat half your body weight in candy. And let’s be real, everyone knows calories don’t count on normal holidays, let alone a holiday entirely dedicated to decadent treats.

So if you’re getting bored  with stuffing your face with an endless amount of Reese’s Cups, and getting higher than a kite on sugar, it’s high time you take your spooky celebrations to the next level by substituting your favorite snacks with a sweet selection of “Hallo-Weed” treats. If you’re a newbie to cannabis infused sweets, do read this post before you buy, to educate yourself on the effects of edibles.

Tasty treats and cannabis have been paired for some time, so of course, most cannabis enthusiasts love Halloween and see it as the perfect excuse to indulge. But if you are unsure of what to choose to make your Halloween special, don’t be spooked, Southwest Wellness has a great selection of cannabis infused candy, cookies and elixirs, you will definitely want to check out to make sure you feel that you’ve gotten a treat and not a trick.

It is difficult to find an edibles brand more recognizable than Bhang. The chocolate bars have received eight Cannabis Cup awards. Each bar contains 100mg of THC but is easily breakable into serving sizes of 10mg. SWW carries a nice selection of Bhang bars.

Budder Pros cookies and gummies, Karma Lemonade along with Herbal Edibles (Chex Mix and Chill Pills), Hi Extracts and Mountain Top Extracts (juices and gummies), are all part of this incredible special promotion to help New Mexico Medical Marijuana, card-carrying patients keep the goblins and ghouls at bay!

Lollipops and toffee, salted caramel turtles and so many more delectable edibles – many of them made using the flowers grown in the Southwest Wellness state of the art greenhouses, right here in Taos – will be sure to satisfy the sweet tooth that is part and parcel of this particular holiday!

Just be sure to keep your sweet stash out of sight and far from the reach of the little trick- or- treater’s headed your way on All Hallows Eve! Although there have been no reported incidents of trick-or-treaters being given candy laced with THC in Taos, officials across the country are warning parents to be on the lookout for marijuana edibles showing up in their kids’ candy bags.

Marijuana edibles are becoming an increasingly popular way of consuming THC without smoking. However, reducing the health concerns of smoking marijuana does not negate the new ones created by edibles. Everyone at some point while eating candy has said “well, I’ll just have one more” and end up eating the whole bag. With THC candies, this seemingly small overindulgence can have extremely harmful effects.

With bowls of candy everywhere you go, educating yourself on THC edibles, their forms, and their effects, is becoming ever more important, That said, Halloween has always been an excuse to let loose, just be responsible and don’t ingest so much that you end up more lit than a Jackolantern!

For much more on Southwest Wellness and all the treats they have on sale this Halloween, plus the services they provide, please visit their site linked below this post.

The Southwest Wellness dispensary in Taos is located at 1023 Salazar Road.



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