SW Wellness Welcomes Taos Vortex

It was Durban Poison all the way!

Back in the day, in Cape Town where I came of age in a magical time and place.

“Poison” as we called it, is known for its psychedelic effects and its unique genetics are responsible for its trippy buds as well as a myriad of hybrids it has spawned (cloned), including Red Dragon.

So if you are planning on getting into the groove at Taos Vortex this weekend, head directly to Southwest Wellness’ dispensary in Taos for the perfect accompaniment to your musical pleasure.

The amount of THC in the weed enhances its visual effects so check the listing. But be cautious, one first time Poison smoker, said: “I kept seeing colors… rolling hills… shapes… a very psychedelic experience that I’ve never had on weed. At one point I heard a repeating loop of scary music and felt like I was on the brink of “going crazy.” I also felt like I “died” and had one of those kinds of experiences.”

In other words, a bad trip. Clearly with Durban Poison, a little goes a long way! Those who don’t want to experience a bad trip and just want the positive effects of cannabis without its psychoactive properties may want to check out the getcherrycbd website for their CBD inhalers.

SW Wellness have both Durban CBD (yes, it’s back, and I’m sure there will be CBD cartridges for sale in the near future), and regular Durban Poison (#2), as well as a bunch of other new and favourite flowers on the shelves just in time for this weekend’s buzz! Strawberry Shortcake, King Skunk (you may want to partake privately), and Pura Vida are all back, if you use CBD for pain relief and to remedy a number of other ailments, you can also read many reviews on various CBD products, such as this CBDfx review and more.

Mountain Top Vape Cartridges (0.5g) – Screaming Gorilla, Lavender, Durban Poison and 707 Headband might be the way to go. Coupled with either a heavy duty juul option for a bigger dose it works wonders, or you can opt for a vape starter kit to have an effective way to keep it discreet and still get your dose.

Tiki Juice Tiki Juice from Mountain Top Extracts is another great idea for a Festival – fill your water bottle and you’re in business! – 125mg Blackberry Pineapple – Indica and Maui Mango – Sativa are available.

Candies and lollipops are a no brainer, and SW Wellness always has a great selection, so pick a few of those up too and you’ll be riding a sweet high all weekend long, rain or shine!

When I visited SW Wellness earlier this week to chat to Will Hooper about this weekend’s offerings, he mentioned that a new law had passed wherein ” any “person” can get a NM medical marijuana card, not just NM residents (renewable now, every 3 years.)

In fact, a ruling by a New Mexico judge this week may enable residents from other (Medical Marijuana States),to register for our medical marijuana program. But critics are worried that some may end up breaking state and federal laws.

New Mexico’s Department of Health went to court this summer to challenge a law that would issue ID cards to out-of-state residents to buy medical marijuana. It argued the law encourages non-residents to violate state and federal laws and was never meant to include them.

But a state district judge in Santa Fe disagreed and ordered the state agency to issue the cards to non-residents. The court will hear arguments against the ruling on Aug. 19. The ruling applies to all U.S. states.

Also in the news it’s clear that legalizing recreational marijuana in New Mexico would create needed jobs in one of the poorest states in the nation.

A bipartisan group appointed by New Mexico Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham to study legalizing recreational marijuana in the state held its first public policy meeting. The group has been tasked with crafting a recommendation for state lawmakers to examine, which could open the door for New Mexico to join states like Colorado that have legalized recreational marijuana use.

Members of the group include Democratic and Republican legislators who sponsored unsuccessful legislation this year to authorize and tax recreational marijuana sales at state-run stores. That proposal passed a House vote, but it stalled in the Senate.

New Mexico Health Secretary Kathleen Kunkel urged the group to keep in mind how new recreational marijuana laws may hurt the state’s medical marijuana industry. That’s because she said states that have legalized recreational marijuana use have seen their medical cannabis programs affected. She asked the group to recommend separating the medical marijuana and recreational systems to help current medical cannabis users.

The Governor’s Working Group on Cannabis Legalization is scheduled to hold a similar meeting in Las Cruces, New Mexico, on Aug. 28. It also is slated to visit Colorado to meet with state regulators there.

Meanwhile Southwest Wellness is making news in state as well! Two new stores opening in Albuquerque on August 24th, will make it super easy for folks flying into Burque, to pick up all the supplies they require for a trippy ride along Route 66 and beyond – Meow Wolf anyone?

And if you come into the Taos store at 1023 Salazar Rd, this weekend, wearing your Taos Vortex wristband, you’ll get 10% off your purchase!

For more information on Southwest Wellness’ new stores on San Pedro and Central in Albuquerque, please visit their site linked below this post.

And for more information on services available at Southwest Wellness, (including Medical Professionals onsite to assist you in getting your New Mexico Medical Marijuana card), please visit their site linked below, and do visit (and like), their sww/facebook page!

The Southwest Wellness dispensary in Taos is located at 1023 Salazar Road.