Shree Closes Their Yoga Studio

Shree Yoga Taos has closed.

The beloved Taos institution founded by Suki Dalury and Genevieve Oswald over a decade ago, is no more.

As with many other businesses affected by the pandemic, Shree has decided to cut their losses, count their blessings, and move on.

But right on time photographer Zoe Zimmerman’s collaboration with Shree has culminated in a book, entitled simply, Shree, with text by Suki and a foreword by Genevieve. Book signing today, at Shree, from 11-3 pm.

You are invited to drop by and say goodbye. There’s a Day of the Dead altar at the ready, and Suki, Genevieve, and their elves, have decorated their seasonal altar in the beautiful studio one last time!

taoStyle counted Shree Yoga Taos as a longtime Sponsor and supporter – both Suki and Genevieve contributed to this blog over the years – we are sharing links to their respective goodbyes, on their blog at Shree’s site.

closing words from Suki

closing words from Genevieve

For more information on the book, see both Shree’s site and Zoe’s, linked below.




Photographs of Suki and Genevieve by Zoe Zimmerman