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Guest Post by Ashleigh Beyer

B.E.S.T.(Bio Energetic Synchronization Technique) is a gentle, physical, energy-balancing procedure that synchronizes your conscious and sub-conscious mind to the present moment.

After you settle in on my massage table, I do some gentle muscle testing. Before the procedure, an imbalance in your electromagnetic field will cause your leg lengths to be different. During preliminary muscle testing, I often find contrasting spasticity between your two legs when I internally and externally rotate them. And I regularly find defense physiology when I do a gentle arm check. While defense physiology is appropriate for certain circumstances, it is not for laying down on a massage table.

Through more muscle testing, I identify stored emotional patterns, and then come up with another pattern which neutralizes those stored emotional pathways. The neutralizing pattern includes a positive feeling for you to think about/feel, an eye position for you to hold and a breathing pattern for you to practice. While you relax into this sequence, I apply appropriate electromagnetic energy to pulse points on your body, most often your skull, and synchronize those pulse points. This allows your body re-time itself, discard patterns from the past and be in present condition

I credit yoga, which I have been practicing seriously for 8 years, for helping me become aware that I am thinking. Yoga has helped me to cease thinking and to not believe all my thoughts. I credit B.E.S.T. with changing my thoughts; because B.E.S.T. physically counterbalances negative neural pathways to positive ones, it quite literally can change the way you think–for the positive.

B.E.S.T. is super cool stuff for anyone–I have been getting B.E.S.T. treatments several times a month for years and it has helped me to release reoccurring thoughts, physical complaints, and future proliferating. B.E.S.T. is also particularly profound for people who have experienced trauma. I am blessed to say that the last time I was in a car accident, it was minor. Saying that though, it was still quite scary. Even if you sustain a minor injury in a car accident, it may still be worth getting hold of someone like a Houston car accident attorney to assist with legal action you could take as minor injuries could still cause disruption to your daily activities. When you set out to drive, you don’t expect something like this to happen to you. But unfortunately, accidents like this do occur. As I said, my accident was only minor. But there are times where accidents can lead to more serious and/or life-threatening injuries. With that being said, if you or anyone you know has been involved in an auto accident, whether it was a car or lorry, you may want to get information here about filing a legal claim. Speaking to a professional personal injury lawyer may be something worth considering, as they will be able to give you advice on what the best steps are to take after an accident. But of course, do all this once you’ve sought medical attention. Anyway, it’s a good job that I had covered myself with cheap auto insurance so that I wasn’t set back financially speaking otherwise the situation for me could have looked pretty bleak.

However, because I was rear-ended, I developed a quirk for a few weeks after my accident to look in the rear-view mirror whenever I stopped quickly. I was looking to see if the person behind me would hit me. However some people aren’t as lucky and are more seriously injured in car accidents, not only would B.E.S.T. treatments be beneficial, but also contacting a personal injury lawyer near you should probably be high up on your priority list if you’ve been injured. They can help with insurance claims, or to help get money to cover damage repairs to your vehicle. Getting checked over following the accident is also a good idea, because worrying about your potential injuries includes all kinds of physiological implications. Luckily, thanks to B.E.S.T., this quirk never became serious or a habit. My situation was minor and B.E.S.T. can also counter experiences much more major.

You stay fully clothed for your session. My favorite part about B.E.S.T. is that it is not dependent on me knowing anything about you. Although I do like to give my clients time to share if they’d like, B.E.S.T. goes below the level of conversation, even below the radar of the conscious mind to work its reprogramming. Please call or email me with any questions

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