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Salonx DeltaThis week on taoStyle it’s about the hip factor and hip hair counts. At the entry way to Salon X on the Paseo, stands a huge shears sculpture by Christina Sporrong, In Taos it doesn’t get much hipper than that.

I have long followed the simple style dictum of great hair, great shoes means I can just wear jeans and t-shirts, a good jacket or coat and I’m done. Now that I’ve run the gamut of short hair cuts for the past three years since chopping off my long locks, I’m attempting a grow out. Delta Bayer, the owner at Salon X is my girl for the duration.

She’s seamlessly transitioned me from the inevitable mullety mop that occurs when one starts growing out a short cut, to a messy, rocker bob in a few short weeks. Granted, my hair grows fast, but she’s a miracle worker.


Delta, who grew up here and upstate NY, has been a fixture on Taos’ artsy and edgy Punk/Grunge/Burner Scene since she was a teenager. She’s trained with Toni & Guy in NY, Jacques Dessange in Paris, cut hair in Seattle but her eye for style is her own and she brings a hip urban edge to Taos’ Mountain vibe.

Her Parisian training hasn’t hurt either. Dessange’s unique technique has brought architectural understanding to her arsenal – as opposed to Sassoon precision cuts, this style is more free – form and intuitive. Her cuts are undone, sexy and very flattering. She’s the queen of balayage but uses various colouring techniques depending on the head of hair she’s working on. That said, if you want it blue, she’ll do that too.

01 IMG_1255

For those who want a more precise but equally creative approach, Heather Miro is also at Salon X. Heather has extremely loyal clients who swear by her and I’ve heard it whispered, she’s the very best. Trained extensively at The Vidal Sassoon Academy, Heather’s Bohemian style and considered approach to hair, combined with her expertise and experience has honed her formidable skills.

salonx product

Her cuts, like Delta’s, are unique to the individual and Heather’s also a wiz with colour, a member of The American Board of Certified Haircolorists.

Salon XHeather

Danial Vigil is loved by women who want classic haircuts and long-haired girls who want their Rapunzel length artfully arranged or creatively braided now and then. Daniel’s worked in print and film and for much more information on him, Heather, Delta and everyone else at Salon X, do click on the link below. This is a full service salon with great product lines and options. From totally green to somewhere in between that, and extreme, Salon X offers them.

Salonx Dan

There are some excellent products for sale here along with hair accessories and fun jewelry, including Miranda Hicks’ newest, very delicate and dark pieces, made from antique crystal, silver and jet beads. Salon X has won a Best Of Taos Award annually since it opened seven years ago and Delta works very hard to ensure the salon continues to meet expectations.

01 IMG_4900 (1)

The vibe is very chill, very relaxed. There’s a tea and coffee station set up so you can help yourself. Everyone is friendly and it’s a beautiful space to spend time in. The Art Delta shows and/or owns is fabulous and with good reason.

Salonx Delta1

There is more to Salon X than meets the eye. The huge, loft-like room, though very much in the Taos vernacular, has been decorated with minimal modernity. Art is hung gallery style throughout because in fact, Salon X is also an Art Space designed to hold events, where the Artists have well attended openings and are carefully chosen by Delta who is also the curator of the space.

The paintings hanging in Salon X in these photographs are by Taos artist, Kristine Keheley.

For much more on Salon X, please visit the website linked below.



Photographs of Salon X, Delta, Heather and Daniel by Bill Curry



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