Talismans From Taos


Jen Weddle who shows exclusively in Taos with taoStyle Sponsor The Michael McCormick Gallery, is originally from Texas but calls this home.

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She lives and has her studio in a truly unique, traditionally built adobe house on Blueberry Hill, complete with turrets and spires, with sweeping views of the wetlands below, where birds of prey can be watched scooping up rabbits and rodents, before flying off, back toward the mountain.

JW stash

Fitting then that Jen should live here; Thunderbirds, hawks and images of Horus have long made their appearance in her talismanic pieces that are supremely modern yet give a nod to the past with a knowing wink. She’s always been fascinated with birds and from this eyrie she is able to observe them constantly.

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Her curiosity about different cultures, religions, tribal superstitions and myths has led her to create contemporary amulets, set  and strung with the rare, vintage turquoise and other stones, beads, charms and eclectic bits and bobs she’s collected over the years. Her necklaces are bold statements, heavy with meaning and gorgeously decorative. All you need with one of these is a white t-shirt and you’re dressed.

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Her new work dives deeper into Egyptian archetypes and mythology. Working with brass instead of her usual silver, she’s incorporated hieroglyphs and scarabs along with the oft rendered, omnipotent Eye of Horus, into her designs.

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Jen is having a one woman show of her latest work at The Michael McCormick Gallery on Saturday evening, January 17. If you are in Taos, do go and see her work. Michael’s openings are legendary here and there’s always a great crowd, good food, refreshments and Jimmy Stadler will be playing. It’s a party. For more info on the opening and Jen Weddle, click on the link below



Photographs of Jen Weddle at home and in her studio by Bill Curry