Twirl is housed in a sprawling 150 year old adobe building in the heart of the Historical District in Taos.


Renovated extensively by David Hopper (Dennis’ brother) and Chuck Banner three decades ago ( with the inclusion of a copper pyramid and exquisite interior stone work, much of it removed and obscured during a later renovation ) it functioned for many years as the Return Gallery, showcasing the best of Taos’ artisans.┬áIt’s been inhabited by different businesses, spiritual organisations and a few famous Taosenos, including Dennis Hopper and Agnes Martin, but these days this magical building is home to a childhood fantasy wonderland. Adults are welcome too.


Creative surprises are sprinkled throughout this unique property, including a fish pond, wishing well, and a secret staircase with scary painted snakes and dragons.


There is a beautiful playroom topped with a glass ceiling where music and dance classes, field trips and craft activities take place and outside there are two large courtyards with several play facilities installed. Lovely murals painted by the talented Anais Rumfelt decorate some areas and children of all ages can appreciate the fairy land vibe.


Twirl recently acquired non-profit status and although they will continue to carry the best selection of gifts for kids in the area, they will focus more on community oriented events and programs.


The young women who work here are super friendly and helpful, not to mention incredibly patient and really go out of their way to make the children (and adults) feel comfortable and special.They also gift wrap everything beautifully.

Please visit their website for more information and do bring your kids when you are in town.


Photographs of Twirl by Bill Curry



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