“Inspired by the scientific theories on subatomic particles mixed with the catacomb basement studio that lies 15ft below the high desert landscape entitled “The Boiler Room” in Taos.”

17subatomica-34-X3 (1)Joshua (Kanizzle) Cunningham has a serious background in Radio, having worked at XM Satellite Radio for three years from its inception as a Music Director and then at Clear Channel for several years. He is the Project Manager for Burning Man Information Radio and does many other Production gigs too. He’s also been making music on his own and with others for years so this collaboration with Jexime comes as no surprise.

Joshua is my son and although he didn’t grow up with me due to unfortunate circumstances, he and I reconnected when he was the third person hired by Lee Abrams at XM. His father had worked for Lee as a Program Director when we were married and I had worked with Lee on a few creative projects.

I had sent Josh a photo of me with Keith, Lee and Rod Stewart at 96 Rock in Atlanta in 1977. Unbeknownst to Lee, he’d hired our son, who pointed out that he too was in the picture. A little basket in a corner contained my sleeping baby.

My daughters ( who had already taken it upon themselves to meet their brother) and I visited him in D.C. where we collectively experienced a profound, deeply cathartic reunion.


Soon after, he began visiting us in Taos where he had come once before as a small child with my second husband and our baby daughter, for a summer holiday. About 14 years ago, between jobs, he house sat for me for a few months then lived here for a stretch but eventually returned East for work. He continued to visit frequently before moving back here a couple of years ago with his beautiful, charismatic and equally accomplished girlfriend Jennifer Longo aka Jexime.

I was thrilled! My son was back in the fold. Wrong. I never see him. Most of the time we communicate on Facebook, in fact this post was orchestrated via FB messages.

These two (when Jex isn’t being Gallery Director at the El Monte Segrado Resort and Spa) are holed up in their subterranean studio making musical magic all day and night. They have a menagerie including a reptile or two and they do break to hike with their dog or go out with friends. The rest of the time they’re gallivanting around the globe. Jex is a renowned Fire Dancer (with a solid background in classical ballet and music) who performs all over the world. Josh DJ’s at parties and events on both Coasts and places in between. This talented couple are busy!

16JoshnJex-62-X3 (1) (1)I asked them to tell me a little about Subatomica and they sent me this, (via FB) I couldn’t put it better, but I do wish they’d occasionally come out of that cave and visit or at least call! 

” Subatomica is a long-term multimedia project by renowned performer/musician Jexime and global bass DJ/producer Kanizzle, with a philosophy of abstract surrealism blended with music and love at its core. Inspired by the scientific theories on subatomic particles mixed with the catacomb basement studio that lies 15ft below the high desert landscape entitled “The Boiler Room” in Taos, New Mexico, Subatomica is a perfect fusion of the passion, art, and science that makes up the lives that its two members live. Utilizing the sounds of psychedelia, bass music, trip-hop, and classic music, these two weavers of audio fabric take the listeners on journeys through the deepest depths of reality through the medium of sound. Not abiding to any set formula, the secrets found within their music not only tell stories, but invite the listener to journey on their own expedition of the mind as well. Intriguing, mysterious, and unique – their music is just a glimpse into the magic that is Subatomica.”


The photographs of Joshua and Jexime were taken by Sam Lambie and you can visit them on the web (link below) for much more info about Subatomica.