Where The Buffalo Roam

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And the aliens too apparently.

Grand vista’s, rugged territory, high, dry and hard to get to, Taos is a little oasis in a spreading desert. The people who live here are fiercely independent, creative and for the most part have chosen to live life in a sustainable way. At the mercy of the elements, a lot of what goes on up here is dictated by the Seasons.

pubelo bisonThere’s fresh powder at Taos Ski Valley, the bison herd at the Pueblo thankfully are wearing their shaggy winter coats but most days the sun still shines on our valley melting the snowfall in minutes and it’s warm enough to hike with bare legs

01 canyon river yellow boots writing jacket

I thought these shots by Bill Curry perfectly captured the essence of a regular day in our neck of the Wild West’s woods!


Photographs by Bill Curry


Model’s clothes by Patricia Michaels