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With our airport expanding and the Taos Ski Valley getting a major facelift to the tune of millions of dollars, we anticipate a Real Estate boom in the not too distant future. So before our property prices skyrocket into Aspen territory, I thought I’d give my readers an inside look at some of the Shacks currently on the market.


These are not your usual, ramshackle, run-of-the-mill, rundown shacks, but rather very Chic Shacks. The creme de la creme of Shackdom, in fact. Thinking about Taos morphing into the Aspen of New Mexico, I realized we fall short in several areas. For one, we don’t have a real nightclub.

01_MG_7241 (1)

Taos really needs a club, I mean, a real club. A martini bar,a whiskey bar; a hip, cool place to hang. I’m not complaining. We already have great live music coming through, thanks people like Dawn Richardson and Mesa Brewing along with several others.01_MG_7242 (1)

What we need is a D.J. Scene. House in town. With parking. That in itself is a feat. The town of Taos is centered around the Historic District filled, wall to wall, with lovingly kept up, adobe buildings and very little parking aside from areas designated for that purpose. I must be dreaming.


Enter Pedro Gonzalez, angel among realtors, who just happens to have this exquisitely appropriate property on the market. Pedro has a knack for putting people together with the perfect properties. A little bird told me. There’s even a kitchen. And a wet-bar!01_MG_7307Somebody could make a killing with this place! I can see it now. Dimly light lounge spaces off to the side of the packed dance floor. Night owls and lounge lizards sipping exotic house Martinis. Strobe lights and disco balls.

01_MG_7148 (1)

This great space was, for a time, artist J.D. Challenger’s Studio/Gallery. He was the last tenant here, before moving on. A lot of Challenger’s work still hangs in the space which is set up as a working studio as well.

01_MG_7183 (1)

I suppose an artist would like this space as much as i love the idea of the disco.I wouldn’t begrudge them the light.


Look at these sweet details. So Taos. Kokopelli. He’s the humped-back, randy fertility deity playing on his flute like Pan. Venerated by Native Peoples in the South West, he presides over children and agriculture.


I hear the roof has the greatest views in town. A rooftop terrace would be fabulous! The building is in prime Commercial/Industrial zoning. It’s the most visible commercially zoned property in Taos, at the north-east corner of Paseo del Pueblo Sur and Quesnell, a block from the Plaza and Historic District.

01_MG_7317The building is 3,600 sf and in spite of my disco dreams, it is in fact suited to various commercial uses, including an art gallery space, painter’s studio, restaurant (would require a full-on kitchen) and much more. It would make great office space for a web-based start-up. And yes, there is parking, from both Paseo del Pueblo Sur and Quesnel.! Hello Disco? Owner Financing Available. The asking price for this Chick Shack, is a mere $875,000.

Hope your weekend is dreamy too, and I’ll be back on Monday. Thanks for reading!
For more information on this property, call Pedro Gonzales at Century 21 success. 575-770-5620. And do visit their website linked below this post, to see more cool properties for sale here in Taos! And if your current mortgage doesn’t fit in with this new property, you can always refinance mortgage if you want to move here.

Photographs by Bill Curry


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