Sunday Morning at the Domes

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The Rounder Farms Dome(s) were featured here a couple of weeks ago to great interest, so I thought it might be fun to show this very Chic Shack in different light, with an equally lighthearted post.


Yesterday, Janet Gauthier took some more great shots of the home she and her husband Brad Hockmeyer built, as they went about their morning rounds. I’ve included a few pics taken by Diane Enright that show the rooms in more detail.

Solarium (1)

These shots really capture the ease of living in this space, the way the inside seamlessly connects with the natural surroundings and draws one outside.


The couple are up bright and early with the sun that streams in through the windows and skylights all day long, changing now as Summer ends, and Autumn makes itself felt in the coolness of the early morning air.

TV room new

In the Summer, the house is a cool and welcome refuge from the heat of the day. In Winter as the Earth’s angle to the Sun shifts, the passive solar gain warms the entire space, reducing heating bills considerably.


The trees they planted when they built Rounder three years ago are already bearing fruit and the meadow is filled with wildflowers and honey bees.

Kitchen best

After all the rains we’ve had this Season, everything has doubled in growth.

IMG_2090 (1)

Look at those apples! In the kitchen breakfast is being prepared, the biittersweet aroma of coffee, already in the air, as Janet goes outside to pick fresh fruit before the birds get it.

IMG_2087 - Edited

A hearty breakfast will see them through the morning of tasks at hand. It might be Sunday but there’s still work to do, pleasurable as it might be.

Kitchen entrance (1)

There’s mowing and harvesting and mulching to be done. Fruit to pick and pies to bake.


But the rewards are already on the table. Bounty from the land they’ve tilled and planted and nurtured. Whoever buys this home will have little to do but weed and water.

Dining Room

Unless we keep being blessed by rainfall while Global Warming wreaks havoc everywhere else, in which case there will certainly be weeds but little need to use up precious water.


They’ll eat in front of the windows looking out onto the meadow, rolling gently toward the river bank. From this vantage point, it’s difficult to see the lines of demarcation.


The morning light brings the outside right into the living space; if you look at the first post I did on the Domes, you’ll see how the changing light really affects the mood of these rooms.

LR good 2 (1)

The light draws attention to all the design details, including the natural plaster on the rounded walls and the cork used for flooring. One could sit here all day, but it’s time to head outside.

IMG_3486_2 (2)

Siesta can wait.


Then again, if a hammock like this invites you…


And the dogs are already in the river, it’s clear it’s going to be too hot for anything else, except perhaps a long, cool drink inside.

IMG_3459_2 (2)

After that nice long siesta in the shade, of course.

IMG_3489 (2)

The Dome is featured in the August issue of Enchanted Homes, a supplement of the Taos News. See link below this post. This Chic Shack is 3800 sf and is listed at $1,100,000.

For many more images and all information pertaining to this extraordinary home please visit listing agents Diane Enright and Brandon Rose at their site ( also linked below, along with the Rounder Home and Farms blog, the original taoStyle post and the Taos News/Enchanted Homes piece.




Photographs by Janet Gauthier (of Janet by Brad Hockmeyer) and Diane Enright