Nathan Pellerin recalls hiking and meditating in the mountains outside of Santa Fe,( where he lived before moving to Taos) one day and getting the name and tag line FREQ – as in frequency – Change Your Vibration.

“It came to me just like that,” he told me, “and I sat with it for a bit until the concept evolved and made itself very clear.”

Nathan has created a line of Streetwear that he envisions as a way to enhance through design, the desire to seek out individual achievement. If you have never heard of this type of style before, there are other areas you can look to, visit here for more of a range and see if it is something you would like to wear.

FREQ Noah drivers-1015

“Changing the vibration, reaching optimum frequency, the clothes become a way of stating to the world…”this is how I get my FREQ on.”

“FREQ symbolises all that is bright in a future of a world where we can all work toward living our individual dream.” He explained.

Lady freq-1220

Having already co-designed (with a friend) a line of men’s Yoga Pants, this line of Streetwear seemed a natural progression for Nathan.

“At the moment we have ten products,” he said, “very simple but very graphic and we’ll add more as time goes on.”

FREQ f1 brown copy

The line is responsibly produced in Central America but the company is working on a new line of American made leggings.

“I wanted to create something practical with a meaningful message,” Nathan said, “something bold, vibrant with intention in design.”

This is great news for Taos where new start-ups are essential for our economic growth and the future of our community. The line is super-hip and extremely timely right now when even Chanel shows athleisure wear, and no doubt will soon be picked up in major markets


FREQ is available via the company’s website (linked below this post) along with much more information about the line.


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