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Early on in the blog’s infancy I profiled the extraordinary artist T.D. (Tracy) Olsen and that post continues to get consistent views whether I share it or not.


Tracy’s work is an ongoing continuum of the inner and outer worlds she lives in and the reality she confronts daily; the urge to create collides with the necessity to heal.


Tracy lives with a chronic condition she’s had since childhood, she didn’t expect to make it past 40 but here she is.


Her connection to Nature, her childlike curiosity that drives her to pick up rocks, bones, sticks and leaves, and to incorporate them into these canvasses that are both painterly and whimsical. Created with her feet planted firmly on the earth and her head in the stars.


The ongoing narrative is that of a woman battling mortality; defying the Gods to deny her yet another day of living.


Transcending the mundane yet acknowledging it, in her singular poetic way, these explorations of the realms she travels – both inner and outer – are nothing less than maps to her artist’s soul.


Her new show, Gestures, opens this Saturday August 13, from 5.30 – 8.00pm at the Pompadour Gallery at Salon X.

For more information please visit Salon X at their site linked below this post.


Portrait of Tracy by Bill Curry


Photos of show at Salon X taken on my iphone. I loved the juxtaposition of Tracy’s art with the industrial vibe of Salon X!