El Caballero


Traditionally Caballero (translated from the Spanish), means a Knight or a gentleman, but here in the Land of Enchantment it also refers to an exceptional horseman.

You have met Ed Sandoval here on taoStyle before. Once in the guise of Zorro, Ed’s alter-ego, who can occasionally be seen riding around Taos brandishing a 17th Century sword. These days Zorro is often accompanied by a small chihuahua sitting calmly in the saddle in front of his master.

Born in Nambe, Ed grew up mostly in nearby Los Alamos where his father worked as an engineer. He went to school there but summers were spent on the family ranch in Nambe, where he learned to ride like a Caballero.


He traces his roots in New Mexico back to the late 1500’s when his first ancestor arrived in El Norte; a cartographer, he was sent to map the territory for Isabella and Ferdinand.

Ed is a recipient of the Governors Award for Excellence in the Arts here in New Mexico and is well-known far beyond these borders.

He shows here in Taos at his namesake Gallery on the corner of Taos Plaza and at his other Gallery, Studio De Colores on Quesnel Street. Look for the No Parking (on the street) signs. He frequently exhibits elsewhere, including Sante Fe (where he shows his work at the Blue Rain Gallery) and in Scottsdale, Arizona.


Contrary to all of the above, Ed is a thoroughly modern gentleman, who loves life and lives it to the hilt! When he’s not painting outside his gallery, he’s usually in his little red Mercedes, on the road to High Country – Mora, Truchas and the Chama River Valley, where he makes sketches for his brilliantly saturated impressionistic paintings of the landscape.

Ed loves vintage vehicles and his 1950’s turquoise Chevy is often his prefered town car.

Ed is an avid Tango dancer, a skill learned in Buenos Aires in Argentina, where he has traveled annually for many years.


This Holiday Season Ed is offering a limited edition of numbered, high quality giclee prints of his painting, The Tango Dancers along with his hugely popular, art calendar featuring work made during the current year.

For more information please contact Ed at his site linked below this post.


Photographs of Ed Sandoval by Bill Curry


Image of The Tango Dancers c/o Ed Sandoval.