Bronze And Clay

The Sculptor’s mediums – malleable, moldable and bendable. Manipulating matter, the artist creates form from imagination.

Many artists who are painters first (Picasso and O’Keeffe both come immediately to mind) dabble with these mediums and art forms while continuing to work on canvas, and in many instances, produce three dimensional pieces of exceptional beauty and power.

Local artist Miguel Martinez , renowned for his Iconic Madonnas, is another who forays into other mediums from time to time. Currently, the Michael McCormick Gallery is showcasing a few extraordinary pieces of Miguel’s, aside from his paintings which line the walls of the entry to the Gallery on the Paseo.

Miguel Martinez spent some time during the early 80’s making ceramic vases with his friend and mentor, the late Navajo Artist and long-time Taos resident,  R.C. Gorman. Two are shown here with two of Gorman’s and a Bronze Bust also by Miguel Martinez.

“Miguel’s vases are ceramic with silver in-lay earrings and hair pieces – all the vases are hand painted and were created in the 1980’s.” Michael McCormick told me.

Vases and Vessel’s have long captured the imagination of artists. From ancient times till now, clay has been shaped with every element involved in the process, from fire and air to water and pigments for the glazes and added colour, the alchemy involved is magical. Here in the Land of Enchantment where the clay is abundant and comes in colours, including the rare Blanca, the call to create with it, is strong. The plate is by Carl Gorman, from R.C.’s private collection.

“Carl Gorman (the Late R.C. Gorman’s father, created several ceramic pieces shortly before his death at the age of 92. Carl Gorman was recognized not only as an artist but also a Professor of Art.” Says Michael.

“We also have purportedly the first and last ceramic pieces by RC Gorman from his private collection.”

Several sculptures by Frank Howell (including “Marita”) are also included in this exhibition and as always, the Gallery’s impressive stable of artists continue to fill the walls of the large, loft -like rooms, with new work.

“Marita is considered to be Frank Howell’s last “lost” wax.” Michael explained, “and we are also showcasing Doug Hyde,  who since Allan Houser’s passing, has become the preeminent Native American Sculptor in America.”

For more information on these pieces please visit the McCormick Gallery’s site linked below this post.


All images c/o the Michael McCormick Gallery

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