Snow Birds

I woke up this morning to a total whiteout outside my window.

The mountain has been rendered invisible and one bird perched atop the telephone wire. I was reminded of the birds who have already flown – migrating South to warmer climes while snows and frost claim these lands. One day due to the sight of these birds migrating to warmer climates, I think it may be somewhat of an adventure to take a trip to see the warmer lands they migrate to and go birding with them, it will also give me the opportunity to see some species that I’ve never laid eyes on before.

Thought of Lenny Foster taking the Southern route to Florida, home to another sort of Snow Bird.

Lenny’s gone. His long goodbye is over and the road is his to own.

I’m going somewhere too. No beaches for me this trip but I will be on the Eastern Seaboard.

Leaving for NYC on Sunday. Ten days in my kind of paradise, freezing January be damned!

I’ll be arriving the day after the protests and marches, the inauguration will be over. The air will slowly be seeping out of the balloon and the City that never sleeps will keep on keeping on.

Found myself thinking about Lenny driving through the South and praying for his safety. Something I would not even have considered a year ago. Thinking of Selma today, and Martin Luther King. Ten steps forward. Ten steps back.

Just like that City, we must keep on keeping on doing what we do.

I’ll be posting from the City and have some great stories coming up over the next few weeks, hope you enjoy!

Meanwhile these photographs by Lenny Foster seemed perfect for today.

To see more of Lenny’s gorgeous work, please visit his site linked below.


All photographs by Lenny Foster