The Rooster Crows

Feng Shui, which loosely translates to Wind and Water, is essentially an elemental balancing act.

I have long been a practitioner of this ancient Art, and have talked about it here on the blog before, so thought I’d share a few insights and tips with you.

Next week, on January the 28th, we enter a New Year (of the Fire Rooster), on the ancient Chinese Calendar, which means it’s a great time to get your house in order!

Take the sage advice of (Arts & Crafts) Designer William Morris and clear out anything that is no longer useful and/or beautiful. Move at least 27 objects in your home to activate good Chi and dissolve stagnant Sha energy.

Last year (the Year of the Monkey) was, to say the least, a quite dramatic year, full of unexpected twists and turns. 2016 was a tough year on many levels – politically, socially, economically and personally for many people.

So much loss both collectively and individually made 2016 a truly cathartic year.

2017, the Year of the Rooster is arriving right on time as the ‘wake up’ year. Roosters wake up early in the morning to rouse everyone into action with their crowing. This call to action is auspicious and timely.

Attention to detail and clarity are fundamental characteristics of a Rooster year and according to Chinese astrologers, family and love will be at the forefront in 2017, a year to clear up any misunderstandings and renew family relationships.

Collaboration will be the key in 2017

Science will also benefit during the Rooster Year. Science and religion will continue to move closer, science in effect, becoming the New (Global) Religion. Coincidently, the etymology of religion – (according to Cicero) comes from relegere (to read anew), and according to Lactantius it comes from religare (to bind) – science now has a chance to do both. In our very divisive social and political landscape, science will have a new and important role.

Knowing what you want to happen in this year is essential for a successful year. It’s all about Intention. The Rooster energy supports your dreams. Keep focused on your goals but remain open to change.

According to Chinese astrology,  this will be a year of facing up to all aspects of life on this planet. If humanity gets its priorities and values right – 2017 could be a truly transformational year.

Eco-politics and climate change will be dominant themes and on a  personal level, it’s a perfect year to re-create yourself.

The Rooster’s crowing at the break of dawn, means that 2017 will be a major wake-up call to humanity. An opportunity to come together and heal the wounds and rebuild all the burned bridges that will unite instead of divide us.

A great ritual to help set intention at the beginning of the Chinese New Year, is to create a Bagua Vision Board. The Bagua (derived from the original Pakua to aid Westerners in understanding the rudiments of Feng Shui), is an octagon or rectangle or square shape, divided into 8 parts, each relating to a specific area in your home.

Grab that pile of magazines it’s time to recycle and cut out images that appeal to you, pasting them into the sections that relate to that part of your home and life, you’d like to see change. If you are satisfied with aspects of your environment, make sure the images reflect what is. Hang it where you will see it everyday and get ready for magic to happen.

So stock up on cleaning supplies from a supplier like Elswoods Direct, collect a few boxes and get to work clearing the clutter and sweeping out the dusty corners and cobwebs. Make sure your entry way is open to new opportunities by getting rid of anything blocking it. Don’t forget to pick up some poster board and a glue stick, and may it be a happy, healthy and prosperous year for all!

Lucky directions in 2017 are East, North and Southeast, which can be enhanced with the Fire colours, including all shades of red, pink and purple.

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    • Hi Toni, i think this year especially, it’s optimum to enhance both wealth and career areas of your home and office, along with the fame/reputation area with the colours of fire as this is a fire rooster (or phoenix) year.

      Mirrors and healthy plants with rounded leaves in the east/southeast should do the trick. And red or purple candles in the south will help your personal light shine!

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