The View From Taos

Tomorrow hundreds of thousands of women (and men) will protest Donald Trump’s first day in office as POTUS.

Linda Sarsour, who serves as executive director of the Arab American Association of New York, told Rolling Stone Magazine that the message the marchers want to send is that “from climate justice to racial justice to immigrant rights, reproductive rights, Native rights, we are united. We are committing to work together.

“We think that hasn’t happened in a very clear way in a long time – bringing all the movements together and saying, ‘We are watching you. We are ready. We are fired up. And we’re ready to fight back and protect our communities,'” she says.

Two days ago I posted about Fire Rooster energy being condusive to collaboration and cooperation. Globally people are being galvanized by Eco-politics, the takeover of ancestral lands by Corporate Interests, Economic meltdowns begging to be transformed into a Sustainable Model and change is most certainly in the air, despite all outward appearances

We can’t stop the river.

Gandhi said “Be the change you want to see in the world.” That couldn’t be more true than now where there’s a battle raging and sides are being chosen,

Witness the protest against DAFA at Standing Rock. People are waking up.

Tomorrow we will witness another kind of protest; the brave, (never again to be silenced), cries of women. Grandmothers, mothers and girls united (in their Collective Right to Control their own Bodies.)

Here in Taos the view is quite bleak and blanketed in white. Suddenly everything has turned very, very, White…Occasionally a break in the clouds however, reveals the sun is still shining.

It’s a reminder to always look up.

I leave for the City this weekend. I’ll be posting from there all next week and I’ll have the Weather Report direct from the Belly of the Beast.

The Empire’s crucible.

Be warm, be safe, be brave and stalwart. Change is always for the best. History tells us so.



10.30ish am Mountain Time

I watched Trump take the Oath of Office. I listened to his speech, which did not particularly offend me but thought it curious that Melania wore (baby) blue and his daughters were dressed for Suffragette City.

The view from here as the family ascended the stairs, framed in red velvet, with golden rope and tassels was so insanely surreal. Seeing them against that backdrop, I felt as if transported back in time, to a world that resembled a somewhat sinister fairy tale.


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