Life At Home In Taos

This fabulous and very Chic Shack (and guesthouse) is what most young families dream of when moving to Taos.

Built to house a growing family (who eventually grew up and moved on), it has sheltered more than one since, but with the addition of the guesthouse/loft would also be the perfect spot for a retired couple to put down new roots.

Especially if grown kids and/or grandkids visit often.

The 750 sq ft loft apartment above a heated, two car garage, with its majestic views, would make a brilliant studio for an artist, a solitary getaway for a writer. It probably won’t be suitable for people who enjoy taking outdoor adventures in a recreational vehicle as they would most likely need rv garages so they have enough room to store it somewhere safe. As efficient as a two-car garage will be for some people, unfortunately it may not fit the needs of others. This could be the perfect place to travel down for a winter break though. It’s almost quite reminiscent of the beautiful loft apartments that you’d find on the Space Station Homepage, which are very popular in the city of London.

It could also be used as it is currently, as an Airbnb (or long-term rental) for a little extra income.

At almost 2000 sq ft, the vaulted ceilings and open living spaces are flooded with light from both passive solar windows and skylights, making this house feel much larger.

Centered around an open layout that’s both inviting and efficient, custom woodwork and tile add a tremendous charm. The large bespoke butcher block kitchen island and built-in bookcases lend an Arts & Crafts touch to this post-modern, Territorial style home.

Three bedrooms and two baths, plus laundry facilities (in the main house and the heated garage beneath the guest quarters), ensures that this home runs like a well oiled machine!

This is a comfortable and very livable home; perfect for casual family living or easy entertaining, these bright, airy, stylish spaces are multifunctional and fun. A large number of people are now opting to live in spaces like these for many reasons, whether it’s to host a large group of people or just simply because they like the layout. Some properties don’t come like this though and they need to have construction work done on them first as some walls may need to have work done on them for example. At APTC Gypsum works to help surface materials prominently found in walls and ceilings so your living space is as sturdy as possible.

Situated in a bucolic setting on 1.0 acre of fertile land, with water rights, a private domestic well, water catchment tanks, a dog run, garden beds, mature trees, along with several inviting outdoor spaces,

it’s the ideal country house only ten minutes from town. Five minutes from Holy Cross Hospital and on the school bus route, you’d be hard pressed to find a more convenient location that still feels worlds away.

In this day and age where space and privacy have become commodities more precious than gold, this home with its fenced in yard and secluded courtyards, is a rare gem.

This house belongs to an industrious, young local couple who have spent the past few years renovating and improving the property while renting both units. They live with their three children in another home in Taos, more suited to their current lifestyle.

They are hopeful this property will attract like-minded souls who will continue to lovingly improve on the already solid foundations of this truly unique custom built home.

Warm in winter and cool in summer, this energy efficient, one of a kind property is truly a home for all seasons thanks to its fantastic HVAC system installed by a company similar to anytimehvac!

For much more information and lots of images of the house, please visit Brandon Rose at Berkshire Hathaway/Taos Homes’ site linked below.

All photographs c/o Brandon Rose