Judge Ortega And The Blue Donkey

Who says politicians have no fun?

So reads the e-invite to this evening’s event at the Michael McCormick Gallery.

Please join us for this fun-filled informative evening!  It continues.

Come meet some new people, old people (not me!)  friends, enemies, the ghost of the Old JC Penny Building!  INCUMBANT CANDIDATE, JUDGE ERNEST (ERNIE) ORTEGA will field your questions, concerns, opinions, questions and the like,  jokes, insults and the entire gambit of the glue that sticks our Community together.

McCormick has long been an active member of the Democratic Party. And as mutual friends of  former New Mexico Governor, Bill Richardson, he and Judge Ortega have quite a bit in common.

Ernest L. Ortega is a (very popular), judge on the Taos County Magistrate Court, Division 1, in New Mexico. He is a lifelong Democrat who was appointed to the position in January 2006 by then Governor Bill Richardson. He was re-elected in 2014 and is running for his fourth term.

Judge Ortega came to his position through unlikely avenues. He did not go to law school, but rather studied pre-law in college and graduated to study “the making of law” under New Mexico State Senator Jeff Bingaman.

Ortega then worked with the New Mexico Department of Corrections before returning  to Taos to run a campaign for John Paternoster, who was then running for district attorney.

His appointment to fill in as a magistrate court judge, when former judge Erminio Martinez left his post before the end of his term, marked the start of his new career path.

Judge Ortega will field questions, tell a few stories and mostly, will just be enjoying the chance to connect with the community he serves, in an informal and light-hearted atmosphere.

Also on hand will be Michael Archuleta, who will be giving a painting demo during the event.

Born in Embudo, Michael Archuleta earned his Bachelors Degree with an emphasis on Art and Business from UNM in 1997. With no other formal training, Archuleta began painting seriously in 2005 with the idea of a character called the “Blue Donkey.”

Archuleta’s Donkeys are now collected Internationally, thanks to Michael McCormick’s patronage and vision.

The Meet and Greet with Judge Ernie Ortega, celebrating the kickoff of his Campaign, happens this evening  at the Michael McCormick Gallery from 4.30 – 7.30 pm. As always, it’s a party at the McCormick Gallery, with live music, food, refreshments and fun!

For more information on the event and Michael Archuleta, do visit the gallery site linked below.



UPDATE: 12/31/2019

Editor’s Note: This past week has brought a terrible story to light, The Taos News has covered this story since it broke and you can follow it as it unfolds by clicking on the link above.

The post on Judge Ortega was a Sponsored Post for the Michael McCormick Gallery, and in no way reflects my own  views or opinions.



All images thanks to the Michael McCormick Gallery

17 thoughts on “Judge Ortega And The Blue Donkey

  1. This judge is friends with men who rape children. They get arrested and he lets them back out to do it again. Then again after more arrests. What a great guy and loyal typical Democrat………What if one of those children had been related to the judge? Would he have kept releasing him? No. Why would he care about anyone else in his community? Beyond sick. Most definitely excuses and justifications will be made on his side. Maybe they can all have an eternal discussion about it when they see each other in hell.

    • Thank you for commenting.This is a terrible situation but if it ends the long standing nepotism and secrecy regarding domestic violence in El Norte, then it is a catalyst for change, and that is positive!

      • How can ANYONE attempt to spin the molestation of a half a dozen children as a positive? There is NOTHING positive in this incident.

        • Thank you for your comment. I don’t mean to make light of this deplorable and totally criminal situation. I know that this region bears the heavy weight of a cycle of violence perpetrated by patriachal dominance. If this sheds light on that,that IS positive.

    • This is such a travesty, especially considering Judge Ortega’s history as an advocate for Democracy, as well as his experience in Corrections…I am as angry and as puzzled as you are.

  2. And he just let an alleged child molester out on bond TWICE in a week’s time allowing him to go out and rape other kids. A guy is accused of raping a kid you let him out on bond. Then he appears in your court AGAIN within a weeks time accused of the same crime on another kid. What judge in their right mind would allow him out on bond again?????

    Ortega should either step down immediately or the state bar should look into having him removed from the bench.

  3. Doesn’t anyone know the law? The prosecution has to Prove the defendant is a risk- judges can’t just decide to throw em in jail because they Think or Believe they are guilty – the same thing happened to Sarah Bakus- educate yourselves please, nepotism and “ friends of the accused” is WAY off base –

    • Well it’s apparent there are those who condone raping children and will use any excuse to support this rapists walking free. . Judges have a lot of latitude. Juries decide guilt. Evidence presented from the first rape should be enough to keep them locked up till trial.

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