Local Flavor

When Local Flavor approached me as a potential Sponsor for taoStyle, I was both surprised and delighted.

I’ve long considered Local Flavor to be one of our finest regional publications, covering all aspects of culture in Northern New Mexico. I was curious as to how they saw a partnership with my blog, benefiting their already well- established readership.

After a couple of conversations with both Patty Karlovitz (Local Flavor’s Publisher) and Editor, Cullen Curtiss, we devised a way to make this arrangement work for both of us without compromising our unique “voices.”

Because Local Flavor has such a strong online presence that offsets their print edition, it made sense to focus our partnership on that (web presence.)

I felt the best way to introduce my readers to this very vital and relevant barometer of our State, was to invite Patty to tell us a little about herself and Local Flavor in her own words:

“First I want to say thank you for including us in your circle of blog followers. It’s so nice to know that we’ll be reaching out to a new group of readers—especially readers who already love Northern New Mexico as much as yours do.

Peter and I moved to Santa Fe 23 years ago from Chicago where we both held jobs that we really loved—Peter was a trader and market maker on the floor of the Chicago Board Options Exchange and I was on the administrative side of the Exchange with the job of Vice President of Human Resources. The 80s and 90s were pretty exciting times in the financial markets and living right in the heart of such a vibrant city was a time in our lives that I will always cherish. Like all truly great cities, Chicago has a sense of place and a rock solid sense of who it is. It is a city of distinctive neighborhoods, each with its own local flavor, local treasures and definitely local characters. And what I was always amazed at was the fact that when you wove all of these disparate neighborhoods together, somehow it created a city much greater than any of its individual neighborhoods. In addition, we were living  in the heart of a city with world class art, architecture, dining, theater and performing arts—not to mention the fact that as third generation Cub fans we only lived ten blocks from Wrigley Field. How do you top that? Well, it took a few years of trying different places on for size, and then we came to Santa Fe…and the rest is a story familiar to so many others who stepped on New Mexico soil and knew that they were home.

So, we made the jaw-dropping announcement to our family, friends and coworkers that we were pulling up stakes, taking a year to travel round the world, then settle down into a town where we knew no one and had only been to once—for a very short two weeks.

At first I wasn’t sure of why you thought this might be of importance or interest to your readers, but I’m glad I’ve had the chance to reminisce a bit and to see for myself how essential it has always been for the two of us to live in a place that knew its history and knew what was worth hanging on to. And when we traveled––whether it was a few blocks over to another  neighborhood or to the other side of the world–– to always seek out the essence of a place as locals saw it and loved it. It’s how I want visitors and locals to see Northern New Mexico––and the stories within the pages of Local Flavor is where we try to do that.”

Thank you Patty for such a generous and gracious introduction. I’m thrilled to be able to share your wonderful content with my readers who check in daily from around the globe to discover what’s new and happening here, in the Land of Enchantment.

For this month’s May 2018’s edition of Local Flavor (on stands now, and available here in Taos, at Cid’s Food Market, among 30 other distribution sites), the focus is on the Great Outdoors. Not a moment too soon, as the weather starts to warm up and visitors begin arriving for our glorious summer season.

Michael Dax, wilderness writer, environmentalist and endangered species advocate, laces up his hiking boots and takes you to the Rio Grande del Norte National Monument near Taos. As Michael says, it would take a lifetime to explore the more-than-a-quarter-million acres, with over 70 river miles bearing the coveted designation of Wild and Scenic, so you’d better lace up those boots and get started. (Don’t worry, he’ll ease into the hikes and make sure you stay on track.)


No Outdoor issue of any magazine worth its salt would be complete without a fishing tale. Not tall tales or stories of the one that got away, but close-to-home and close-to-the-heart stories of the first time your grandpa took you fishing, the first time you took your own boy fishing, and the first time you realized you wanted to spend your life protecting and restoring the rivers of New Mexico—and most especially, preserving the habitat of the only trout native to our state, the Cutthroat.

Featured is The title of Toner Mitchell,’s article is New Mexico Water and Habitat and Public Lands Coordinator for Trout Unlimited. His passion is preserving the wilderness habitat essential for the existence of the fish he loves, and it is passion like his that will save the natural resources of our state for each and every one of us.


And now you might ask, what is that insanely daring skateboarder doing on the cover of the  Outdoor issue? That’s Mariah Duran, Albuquerque’s most celebrated female skateboarder on the national competitive circuit––and she’s skating the sky. Like each new generation, Mariah’s carving her own way of enjoying the moments of freedom and pure happiness that come with being out of doors.


Other highlights in the current May 2018 issue of Local Flavor include:

Local Santa Fe breweries roll out the summer fun—bring the kids, bring the dog, leave your worries behind.


Chef Taylor Burns of El Farol gets top honors at La Familia Medical Center’s 5th Annual Divine Decadence and shares her inspiration for chocolate.


The Margarita Society of Santa Fe is officially open for membership!


I’ve long believed that in order to really “get” Taos (or Santa Fe for that matter), one needed to include the surrounding region, known to locals, as El Norte, With this fabulous new Sponsorship, taoStyle is able to share more of what makes Northern New Mexico so special!

For much more information about Local Flavor, as well as many more articles of interest to anyone who loves New Mexico as much as we do, please visit their site linked below this post and do pick up the latest copy of (their print edition), Local Flavor, out now.



Images all taken from the current issue of Local Flavor Magazine.
Photography Credits: Skateboarder Mariah Duran by Liz :Lopez, Toner Mitchell by J.Kelly Butwinski, Cutthroat Trout by Toner Mitchell. All other images thanks to Local Flavor.