Red, White And Brown

Fiestas weekend in Taos is always a party!

The plaza is filled with vendors selling everything from food to silver jewelry, it’s a centuries old tradition that reminds us that the plaza is truly the heart of Taos, and belongs to the people. The people who come from all over Northern New Mexico and Southern Colorado, as they have for generations, to join in the party! 

When Maye Torres opened Studio 107-B on the plaza, in the same space as New Directions, where her mother Cecilia Torres, had long championed contemporary art in Taos, I had no doubt she would continue to build on that legacy.

Red, White and Brown does just that and more.

In honor of the Tri-Cultural Heritage of Taos and the continued legacy of the Taos Fiestas and the rich history of Arts created in Northern New Mexico, this Show also salutes the camaraderie between working artists and the respect they have for one another.  

So reads Maye’s Press Release for this show which opens tomorrow (July 21st) with a reception from 4-7pm.

Artists included in the show are a multi-cultural melange- from Taos, Albuquerque, Santa Fe and San Luis, Colorado, these artists all have a reputation of making art that is innovative and unique. Each create from a place of personal truth and the work is as diverse as the makers.

Larry Bell (who has a stunning solo show up at the Harwood), Peter Chinni and Ron Davis are here, along with Jack Smith whose masterful portraits capture the essence of their subjects.

Luis Barela, Anita Rodriguez,  Zoe Zimmerman, Jerry Track, Angie Coleman, Paul DanceBow, Suzanne Wiggin, Michael Vigil, Bianca Maestas, Jodi Herrera, Francisco Benitez, Dawning Pollen Shorty, Michael Hensley, Diane Reyna, Gina Ortiz, Sharon Dry Flower Reyna, Augustine Mirabal, Randy RoughFace, Soge Track and Huberto Maestas, as well as Studio 107-B Core artists Frank Seckler, Izumi Yokoyama, Isaiah Trujillo and Maye Torres will all have work on display.

In a town with as many artists per capita, as sagebrush growing on the mesa, it’s really great that Maye’s farsighted vision is inclusive of others working in the region.

“New Mexico is home to thousands of artists, who dedicate their lives to art.”  Maye says. “They work from the heart, the soul, the spirit and the mind, physically bringing new ideas and works of art into existence.  It is Art that evokes new thoughts, feelings and concepts.”

Sculptor, Huberto Maestas and Bianca, his talented daughter have their own foundry in San Luis, bring their powerful bronzes to this show, Francisco Benitez, from Santa Fe, (Maria Benitez’s son) will exhibit a few of his paintings, having recently returned from his successful one-person show in Spain.

Jodi Herrera, (a young artist currently garnering a lot of attention), who lives in Albuquerque, has a few pieces in the show, along with born -in -Taos Artists, including Jerry Track, John Suazo, Luis Barela, Diane Reyna, Leonard Salazar, Soge Track, Augustine Mirabal,  Gina Ortiz, Sharon Dry Flower Reyna, Dawn Pollen Shorty and Paul DanceBow.

Hank Saxe’s gorgeous, otherworldly ceramics are also included in this show that showcases not only the extraordinary talent inherent in this community, along with its incredible diversity. Truly something worth celebrating, along with Fiestas.

Que Viva La Fiesta! Que Viva Art in Taos!

Red, White and Brown opens at Studio 107-B (107-B N. Plaza) on July 21st and runs through September 3, 2018

Opening Reception: Saturday July 21, 2018, from 4-7pm

You can call the gallery at 575 779-7832 or email for more information.

For more information on the Fiestas, please visit the site linked below.


All images thanks to Studio 107b