A Very Merry And Green Christmas


Cannabis devotees don’t require a reason to light up. 

But if they want one, the holiday season is as good a time as any!

Legalization and has made cannabis a more visible presence at festive gatherings across the board – from marijuana weddings to pot-infused dinners – weed it seems, is everywhere these days!

And although Christmas edibles may not yet be as popular as Christmas cookies, there are plenty of ways to enjoy getting (responsibly), baked this holiday season.

If you have a N.M. Medical Marijuana Card, during Christmas you can take advantage of it by creating cannabis wreaths, Christmas ornaments or how about a cannabis advent calendar with a new strain for each day?

One can also find hundreds of holiday-inspired edible recipes, from lemonade spiked cider to pumpkin spice pancakes with pot  butter.

And it’s not all about Christmas: you could make a Hanukkah gift set with strains for each of the Jewish holiday’s eight nights.

Unlike so many other modern holiday traditions, cannabis was probably common in biblical times.

It’s been speculated that the oil Jesus used to anoint the sick and perform miracles may have been cannabis oil. With his loving, peaceful vibes, Jesus certainly fits  the “stoner profile.”

The Old and New Testaments are especially fertile places to search for allusions to weed, especially the Prophets. Moses with his vision of the burning bush and Elijah’s Merkabah wheel (well that may have been induced by mushrooms), Jonah’s whale of a tale, Joseph’s dreams, Daniel’s visions, I could go on and on. 

And while we are at it, let’s not forget Santa’s ever present pipe! And flying reindeer for that matter. (Probably mushrooms there too.)

Clearly getting stoned could help you get in touch with your higher power this Holiday Season, but whether or not you aspire to visionary status, cannabis can certainly ease the emotional strain of visiting relatives or being alone for that matter.

Or it might help you just lie on the couch after enjoying too much good food, while indulging in a Netflix Marathon!

At any rate, Southwest Wellness have your Christmas needs covered this year with a storewide special for all 4 stores: ALL Flower will be $9/g TAX INCLUDED. 

They will be closed on Christmas Day, but  will be running the special Dec 21st – Dec 24th. 

Imbibe responsibly, be safe and warm and have a very happy Holiday, no matter what you celebrate!

For much more information, please visit their site linked below.

Southwest Wellness in Taos is located at 1023 Salazar Rd with a new (additional) location coming soon to 925 Paseo del Pueblo Sur here in Taos. A new location in Santa Fe will open early in the New Year at 1829 Cerrillos Rd.

In Albuquerque, the 9132 Montgomery Blvd location has now been joined by two more: 2325 San Pedro Dr NE and 101 98th St SW.

For much more information on Southwest Wellness and all the services they provide, please see their site linked below.





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