The December Issue

Local Flavor’s new issue is out!

And Editor Cullen Curtiss informs us: “Herein we celebrate our makers–the writers and photographers who tell the stories we deem important, including a look at two mindful developers, about whom the Publisher writes, “What they build anew and what they preserve of the past will define how we live in the future.” Also, backcountry skiing, sparkling cocktails compliments of 5 new hot spots, and plenty of regional, Winter-especial experiences.¬†

THE LEGAL TENDER SALOON AND EATING HOUSE. Above, Murphy O’Brien of Cafe Fina wasn’t looking for a second restaurant. He says of his collaboration with Allan Affeldt: “Allan’s enthusiasm is totally contagious.” Affeldt says of his newest historic restoration / preservation project: “We’re approaching this as a labor of love, and people respond to that in a beautiful way.”

THE TRAILHEAD AT BACA RAILYARD. Co-owners, co-designers, co-developers Solange Serquis and Andres Paglayan of The Trailhead in the Baca Railyard share a particularly important perspective about development. “Every time we have a project, we get crazy about the story, the history. Any place should be a link and a destination. I thought this place should be revitalized and not destroyed.” They welcome you to their new restaurant Cafecito.

CHRISTMAS DAY AT OKHAY OWINGEH. Photographer and writer Charles Mann shares his personal ruminations about the mysterious ceremonial Matachines Dances. He writes, “It’s a glimpse through a doorway into another world and it’s one that expands my feelings of hope and possibility for the future of us all.”

LURE OF THE BACKCOUNTRY. A story of hardy adventures in our beautiful snowy backcountry written by Daniel Gibson, columnist of “Snow Trax” in the Santa Fe New Mexican for more than 25 years.

2020. Writer Mark Oppenheimer asked 10 of our friends in food, hospitality and marketing (including the inimitable Joanie Griffin of Sunny505) to reflect on the past and share their hopes of the shiny new decade ahead.

STILL THIRSTY? Writer Caitlin Richards reports back from 5 new hot spots–Sassella, santacaf√©, Crafted, The Adobe Bar and radish & rye–with sparkling wine cocktail recipes for your celebrations, a different Gruet vintage each and every time.

CAPTURING THE MOMENT. Seven of our photographers, including Gabriella Marks picture below, share their favorite assignment of the year, complete with all of the tenderness and joy we hope people feel toward their work.

THE GIFT OF WORDS. Eleven of our writers dig deeply to share what writing for Local Flavor Magazine means to them, including Sommelier Mark C. Johnson pictured above, who writes, “I want what I write to be something positive that lifts them up.”

ON THE ROAD. Author of Exploring New Mexico, Sharon Niederman is back this month with more road trip recommendations for your late winter adventures, including a visit to the Solstice at Aztec Ruins, Dec 20 and 21.

TOP TIX. What would we do without Top Tix columnist Stephanie Hainsfurther’s tips on the hottest performing arts tix in town, including AspenSanta Fe Ballet’s Nutcracker.

CHEF’S BUZZ. Writer Lynn Cline delivers her monthly round-up of foodie highlights, including the very exciting news that VARA Wines picked up five medals at the prestigious San Francisco International Wine Competition. Cheers to pictured co-founder Doug Diefenthaler et al!

ART BEAT. Writer Mia Rose Poris’ picks for your December gallery-hopping, including a trip to Hat Ranch Gallery, where you can see John Hogan’s Athena’s Owl.

BELOVED BEASTS. Thank you to all the readers who submitted adorable, silly, darling images of your constant companions. Congratulations to Coco, and owner Gregory Durrell for being the funnest.

REST IN PEACE. Wake Self, this space in Local Flavor Magazine is for you because you are not coming back. It is also for those who looked to you for hope and resilience, who knew you were singing for good on our behalf. We are at a loss for words, so we will continue to listen to yours.

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All images thanks to Local Flavor Magazine