Window Shopping At Taos Blue

 What’s Christmas without festive lighting and window displays?

The tradition of holiday display makes Christmas what it is, and here in Taos, just like in every corner of the world, the  holiday season is announced by the appearance of festive decor in shop windows.

From clothing boutiques  to grocery stores, every proprietor makes use of Christmas ornaments to decorate their storefronts in the hope of catching customer’s attention to improve their sales during one of the busiest shopping months of the year. 

From the sparkle of  Christmas tree baubles and blinking lights to the warm scents of the season, no online boutique can ever take the place of physical shops or indeed deliver the spiritual magic of this wonderful time of year.

Sue Westbrook at Taos Blue has become known for her whimsical Christmas window displays, and this year she’s really gone all out!

A forest of trees with garlands of red berries, nestled in a bed of smooth river rocks, creates a fairy tale glade filled with mythical flora and fauna created by some of the most talented artists and artisans Sue represents at her gallery on the corner of Bent Street.

You might be tempted to linger a bit longer in the cold to take it all in, but do go inside where the storybook magic continues!

From the richly decorated tree, to the sparkle of colored glass and the shimmer of metallic finishes on pottery and wall art, the rooms that were once part of the home of TSA co-founder, Bert Phillips, are all aglow with the Christmas spirit.

There are treasures to be discovered throughout these rooms, from exquisitely had carved wooden spoon sculptures (meant to be used), to the fabulous fiber-art wraps made by Nancy Diamond, with so much more besides! 

This year, along with classic Americana – vintage cowboy hats and boots – Sue’s added a little something  new to the room at the back of the gallery.

Hand felted (and very apropos) Roaring 20’s cloche hats in jewel-like colors are hard to resist – and then there is nothing like a gift that keeps on giving. The waterproof booties along the wall, paired with socks crafted from recycled materials, give a percentage of their profits away.

The prices are easy on the wallet and the style and colors are hip and current, so do consider picking up a pair or two for visiting friends who may have imagined their Uggs would suffice!

If you are feeling very generous, Sue has gorgeous fine art and sculpture, along with hand made, hard to find ceramics and jewelry. There is truly something for everyone here, at Taos Blue, including a xylophone for the musical child in your life!

So while you are joining in the festivities during the Bonfires on Bent Street this weekend, don’t just stop at window shopping, make a point of going into the wonderful shops that line this historic street, and you’ll be sure to find those last-minute gifts that have eluded you till now!

Taos Blue will be serving Holiday Breads from all over the world, along with a non alcoholic, spiced cider and plenty of Holiday Cheer!

For much more about Taos Blue, please visit the site linked below.



All photos taken on my iphone