Luisa Baldinger At Taos Blue

Northern New Mexico potter, Luisa Baldinger’s work has been getting a lot of attention lately.

A Native New Mexican, Baldinger is married to the renowned Santa Fe potter, Frank Willet, with whom she frequently collaborates.

Luisa’s work will be included in the Contemporary Ceramics show at Wilder/Nightingale Fine Art , Copper Moon Gallery, DAFA (David Anthony Fine Art), and Total Arts Gallery Inc. as part of the Taos Spring Arts festivities

If you are intrigued by Luisa’s contribution, you might be pleased to know that she has more work at Taos Blue on Bent Street, where she shows exclusively here in Taos.

Luisa says she is “intrigued by the vessel as a metaphor for peace, plenty, a sense of well-being and security, fullness.”

Inspiration comes from nature, from “rocks and root pieces found in arroyos, tide tumbled fragments of coral on a beach, plant parts and geologic elements.”

She says she likes to imagine that these pots might have been “unearthed in an archeological dig somewhere.”

And truly they do have that quality of age and timelessness;  their intricate surfaces draw one closer like lichens on a rock.

As you can see from these images, these are no ordinary pots, and are displayed so beautifully in the gallery, beneath one of Deb Komitor’s light filled paintings.

The longer days and shorter nights, along with the warmer weather is bringing people outdoors again just in time for the First Friday on Bent Street this Season.

Do stop by Taos Blue and check out Luisa’s work, along with all the other incredible artists and artisans Sue Westbrook represents.

“We will have our outdoor table stocked with a few of the unique greeting cards we carry, along with affordable and very stylish Peepers and Sunnies (in case you forgot yours), and a few refreshments of course!” Sue told me when we spoke this week, and having seen the readers and sunglasses, I would encourage you to start your stroll at Taos Blue!

For more on Luisa Baldinger and Taos Blue, please visit the site linked below. I have included the Taos Spring Arts site also.

Taos Blue

Taos Spring Arts


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