True West At Taos Blue


It’s Autumn in Taos.

Time to get out your Cowboy boots and hats.

Hats. Felted and woven from straw. Luxe hand crafted leather bags, all with an unmistakable Western edge hang in the front and back rooms of Taos Blue, where Bent Street meets the Paseo.

If you forgot your shades, Sue stocks a small selection of a chic Italian Brand, along with trendy Jeepers Peepers to help you read the fine print on the price tags. No stone is left unturned here, in the rooms that were once part of Taos Founder, Bert Phillips’ home and studio. Phillips was married to Rose Martin, the sister of Doc Martin, who hosted the Taos Founders in what is now the (eponymously named) restaurant at the Taos Inn, across the street.

Safe to say then, that Sue Westbrook’s intention with her long running (almost thirty years), gallery/emporium Taos Blue, is to continue the tradition of Fine Arts and Crafts that have long been a given, aqui en Taos. And she does just that with the paintings, sculpture, ceramics, glass objects, table linens, jewelry, and yes, even hats, she displays in these rarefied rooms.

As a nod to her Interior Design background, Sue’s newly expanded space now features unique pieces of furniture and mirrors along with a fabulous array of hard to find lamps.

“Lighting, light,” Sue notes, “is everything.”

And she took that to heart choosing the shade she painted the walls, a neutral that reflects Taos’ fabled light, rendering it golden and warm,

Sue’s gallery is also the best directional landmark if you are visiting this weekend for the Paseo; Taos Blue is not only the first Gallery on Bent Street, it’s also directly opposite the entry to the park that cuts behind the Stables Gallery. So if you begin your Paseo walk at the Plaza, you could stroll through the John Dunn Shops, up Bent, cross the street to see the amazing Space Cloud, and other installations in the park, before heading down Civic Plaza Drive and then back to Bent Street through the little walkway beside Emily Ruffin’s. It’s an easy, circular route that encompasses most of Taos’ Downtown historic District.

September is a busy month for Taos, and Sue, who isĀ  looking forward to Fall Arts and the Wool Festival, following close on the heels of Paseo.

Stop in and say hi to Sue, whether you forgot your hat or glasses, or not! You’ll find something to love at Taos Blue and do pick up one of the brilliant cards she carries, to participate in International Thinking Of You Week (September 24th – 30th.) A way to connect with family and friends all over the globe that keeps the art of the hand written note alive!

When I visited earlier this week, an impossibly chic woman from Scottsdale came in with her partner and bought a table. She also picked up a card for her daughter. Happy Birthday the outside read, over a picture of a little girl seated on a pony. Upon opening, two words blazed across the top; Giddy Up!

Get out those boots, forget the horse – they are just as good for walking!

For much more on Taos Blue please visit their site linked below this post.



All images taken on my iphone