Uniform Dressing

Personal style is a matter of taste but these days more and more people, men and women are choosing to wear a uniform of sorts.

This is not a sign of a lack of individuality or a lack of creativity. After all, Jacqueline Kennedy was known for her pillbox hats and tailored suits in the sixties and Karl Lagerfeld was never without a high collared white shirt, black tie and  black sunglasses. 

Having a personal uniform not only saves time and relieves stress in the morning, but it gives you a signature look that others will remember you by.

It’s one thing to want a uniform to make your life easier — it’s another to actually find one that works for you. In the spirit of paring down our closets and moving toward a more sustainable sense of style, taoStyle and Clean Taos have come up with a few tips for achieving a modern, personal uniform.

Don’t follow trends. Ignore what’s “in.” People look best when they feel comfortable, so worrying about a trend is a dangerous thing. It encourages overspending and a dependence on Fast Fashion. Definitely NOT sustainable.

Be more mindful of how you shop. We can’t emphasize this enough. Are you happiest wearing pants? Then stick with well made, well fitting jeans and smart trousers. Nothing is more chic than a woman in a tux. Or a man for that matter.


Stick with the styles you feel most comfortable in. Embrace who you are. If you are a bit messy, make that part of your look. Undone is very Parisian chic after all.

Don’t be afraid to look for a little inspiration. Find a style “twin.” Figure out which iconic looks would work on you by studying style icons with similar body types and looks. Start a Pinterest board with clips of them.

Know what’s flattering on you — and what’s not. Get a full length mirror and use it!

Come up with four outfits and write them down. Most of us have about four outfits that we wear at any given time,  and repeat often. Start with a piece or an outfit that you look really good in, and build from there. Stick with the silhouette. And there’s your uniform.

Pick a color palette. This way, there is a subtle change of hues but it has a really specific look to it. 

Find your signature item. A crisp white shirt can be worn anywhere in a multitude of ways. Maybe for you it’s red cowboy boots. If so, keep them well heeled.

Keep fewer things in your closet. You don’t want to have to sift through 20 things you are not going to wear to get to the three or four things you do.  If you get rid of everything that you don’t wear and narrow down your look, getting ready is super-easy and then you are more likely to stick with that look.

Finally take care of your clothes and most importantly, keep them clean. Let the experts at Clean Taos help keep your garments pest free, toxin free, in pristine condition and ready to wear at all times.


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